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TV Newser is a "ticker" blog, hosted by, covering daily developments in the American news media. The site was founded (as CableNewser) by former Towson University student Brian Stelter in January 2004, who maintained the site until joining The New York Times as a media reporter in July 2007.[1] The site's Managing Editor is currently former MSNBC producer Chris Ariens. Editor Kevin Allocca was hired in July 2009, and Alissa Krinsky serves as a contributor to the site.

TV Newser's most popular feature is "The Scorecard," hour-by-hour Nielsen ratings for the major cable news channels HLN, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN from the hours of 4PM EST to 12AM EST.


TV Newser is hosted by, a website offering resources for media professionals. offers several similar industry blogs, each of which analyzes various aspects of the mass media industry, including the film and the publishing industries. The blogs often reference and link to each other.

TV Newser's sister ticker blogs include



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