TV Verdes Mares

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TV Verdes Mares
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
Branding Verdinha (popular)
Slogan Há 40 anos com você no coração (40 years ago with you in heart)
Tá na Verdes Mares, tá na Globo (It's on Verdes Mares is on Globo.)
Channels Digital: 33 (UHF)
Translators 10 on SKY Brasil
10 on NET Sobral/Cariri
19 on NET Fortaleza
Affiliations Rede Globo
Owner Sistema Verdes Mares de Comunicação
Founded January 31, 1970
First air date October 23, 1969

TV Verdes Mares is a television station in Fortaleza, Ceará. TV Verdes Mares is a Rede Globo affiliate.


On October 23, 1969 was the first broadcast.

The inauguration took place three months later on January 31, 1970, and the TV Verdes Mares second broadcaster in Ceará.

In 1974, be a Rede Globo affiliate and held its first broadcast in colors throughout the Brazilian Northeast.

In the nineties began to retransmit its programming to the interior of Ceará, using repeaters, a situation which lasted until the creation of TV Verdes Mares Cariri in 2009.

On May 11, 2009, the station becomes the first broadcaster to launch a digital signal in Ceará.


  • CETV 1° Edição (CETV First Edition) - Noon News, with Luiz Esteves and Danielly Portela. Monday to Friday at 12:00h and Saturday at 12:20h.
  • CETV 2° Edição (CETV Second Edition) - Evening news, with Cíntia Lima. Monday to Saturday at 18:55h.
  • Bom Dia Ceará (Good Morning Ceará) - Morning News, with Alberto Perdigão and Joanna Cruz. Monday to Friday at 06:30h a.m
  • Verdes Mares Notícia (Verdes Mares News) - Newsletter, with Danielly Portela. Monday to Friday 08:10h
  • Se Liga Verdes Mares (Hello Verdes Mares) - Variety Show, with Babi Moreira, Daniel Viana, Niara Meireles and Rodrigo Vargas. Saturday at 12:00h.
  • Globo Esporte (local version) (Sport Globo) - Sporting, with Luís Costa and Mariana Sasso. Monday to Saturday at 12:45h.
  • Nordeste Rural (Rural Northeast) - Rural News, with Carla Fernandes. Sunday at 07:30h a.m.