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TX, T-X, Tx, or Tx may refer to:


  • IATA airline designator of Air Caraibes
  • The United States postal abbreviation of Texas


  • T-X (Terminatrix), the name of the gynoid antagonist played by Kristanna Loken in the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  • The T-X program is a proposal to buy a new military aviation trainer for the United States
  • Palm TX, a personal digital assistant produced by Palm, Inc.
  • Canon TX, a 1974 35mm single-lens reflex camera
  • Sony Xperia TX, an Android-based smartphone from Sony
  • Tx, the treatment group in an experimental design
  • Tx, the telegraph abbreviation for transmission
  • Tsukuba Express, Japanese railway line
  • TV Tokyo, a JOTX-TV, JOTX-DTV
  • Tx, medical abbreviation for transplant and traction
  • Tx, medical abbreviation for transplant
  • Tx, in the TNM staging system of cancer, size or extent of tumor cannot be evaluated
  • Caspase 4, an enzyme
  • The state of Texas