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Second Avenue Local
T symbol
Northern end 125th Street
Southern end Hanover Square
Stations 16

The T Second Avenue Local[1] is a prospective rapid transit service on the Second Avenue Subway in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Its planning color is turquoise, which will be on route signs, station signs, and the official subway map.

The T service will operate at all times between 125th Street in East Harlem and Hanover Square in the Financial District. It will also be the only New York City Subway service that is not a shuttle to run only within one borough, though the service is provisionally planned to expand to the Bronx and Brooklyn at its northern and southern ends, respectively.

Map of the future Second Avenue Subway (SAS), with the T service shown in turquoise


T was previously used for a service on the BMT West End Line, originally BMT 3. It was discontinued in 1967, but a shuttle, designated TT, continued into 1968,[2] when it was replaced by the B train via Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. With the closing of the Manhattan Bridge's north side in 2001, the B in Brooklyn was replaced by the W via Broadway. In 2004, the Manhattan Bridge reopened for subway service and the W was replaced by the D via Sixth Avenue.[3] T currently appears on R32 rollsigns as a black letter on a white circle.

The Second Avenue Subway is under construction, with the first phase, running from 63rd to 96th Streets, planned for completion in 2016.[4] The T designation will not be used until the third phase, planned to run from Houston to 63rd Street.[5] The third phase is not funded or scheduled.[6]

Planned station listing[edit]

Handicapped/disabled access Station Phase Transfers & Notes
T train introduced with opening of Phase 3 of the Second Avenue Subway
Provision for expansion to western Manhattan
Handicapped/disabled access 125th Street 2 Northern terminal station for T train (Phase 3)
Q train
4 5 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line)
M60 bus to LaGuardia Airport
connection to Harlem – 125th Street (Metro-North Railroad)
at Lexington Avenue and 125th Street
Provision for expansion to The Bronx
Handicapped/disabled access 116th Street 2 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 106th Street 2 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 96th Street 1 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 86th Street 1 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 72nd Street 1 Q train
Q train splits to BMT Broadway Line via BMT 63rd Street Line (Phase 1)
T train continues down Second Avenue (Phase 3)
Handicapped/disabled access 55th Street 3 E M trains (IND Queens Boulevard Line) at Lexington Avenue – 53rd Street
4 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) at 51st Street
Handicapped/disabled access 42nd Street 3 7 <7> trains (IRT Flushing Line)
S train (IRT 42nd Street Shuttle)
4 5 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) at Grand Central – 42nd Street
connection to Grand Central Terminal (Metro-North Railroad & Long Island Rail Road once East Side Access Project is completed.)
Handicapped/disabled access 34th Street 3
Handicapped/disabled access 23rd Street 3
Handicapped/disabled access 14th Street 3 L train (BMT Canarsie Line) at Third Avenue
Handicapped/disabled access Houston Street 3 F train (IND Sixth Avenue Line) at Second Avenue
Southern terminal station for T train (Phase 3)
T train continues down Chrystie and Water Streets (Phase 4)
Handicapped/disabled access Grand Street 4 B D trains (IND Sixth Avenue Line)
Handicapped/disabled access Chatham Square 4 at Worth Street
Handicapped/disabled access Seaport 4 at Fulton Street
Handicapped/disabled access Hanover Square 4 at Old Slip
Southern terminal station for T train (Phase 4)
Provision for expansion to Brooklyn


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