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Second Avenue Local
T symbol
Northern end 125th Street
Southern end Hanover Square
Stations 16

The T Second Avenue Local[1] is a prospective rapid transit service on the Second Avenue Subway in the B Division of the New York City Subway. It will be colored turquoise on route signs, station signs, and the official subway map.

The T service will operate at all times between 125th Street in East Harlem and Hanover Square in the Financial District.

Map of the future Second Avenue Subway (SAS), with the T service shown in turquoise


T was previously used for a service on the BMT West End Line, originally BMT 3. It was discontinued in 1967, but a shuttle, designated TT, continued into 1968,[2] when it was replaced by the B train via Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. With the closing of the Manhattan Bridge's north side in 2001, the B in Brooklyn was replaced by the W via Broadway. In 2004, the Manhattan Bridge reopened for subway service and the W was replaced by the D via Sixth Avenue.[3]

T currently appears on R32 rollsigns as a black letter on a white circle.

The Second Avenue Subway is under construction, with the first phase, running from 63rd to 96th Streets, planned for completion in 2016.[4] The T designation will not be used until the third phase, planned to run from Houston to 63rd Street.[5] The third phase is not funded or scheduled.[6]

Planned station listing[edit]

Handicapped/disabled access Station Phase Transfers & Notes
T train introduced with opening of Phase 3 of the Second Avenue Subway
Provision for expansion to western Manhattan
Handicapped/disabled access 125th Street 2 Northern terminal station for T train (Phase 3)
Q train
4 5 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line)
M60 bus to LaGuardia Airport
connection to Harlem – 125th Street (Metro-North Railroad)
at Lexington Avenue and 125th Street
Provision for expansion to The Bronx
Handicapped/disabled access 116th Street 2 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 106th Street 2 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 96th Street 1 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 86th Street 1 Q train
Handicapped/disabled access 72nd Street 1 Q train
Q train splits to BMT Broadway Line via BMT 63rd Street Line (Phase 1)
T train continues down Second Avenue (Phase 3)
Handicapped/disabled access 55th Street 3 E M trains (IND Queens Boulevard Line) at Lexington Avenue – 53rd Street
4 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) at 51st Street
Handicapped/disabled access 42nd Street 3 7 <7> trains (IRT Flushing Line)
S train (IRT 42nd Street Shuttle)
4 5 6 <6> trains (IRT Lexington Avenue Line) at Grand Central – 42nd Street
connection to Grand Central Terminal (Metro-North Railroad & Long Island Rail Road once East Side Access Project is completed.)
Handicapped/disabled access 34th Street 3
Handicapped/disabled access 23rd Street 3
Handicapped/disabled access 14th Street 3 L train (BMT Canarsie Line) at Third Avenue
Handicapped/disabled access Houston Street 3 F train (IND Sixth Avenue Line) at Second Avenue
Southern terminal station for T train (Phase 3)
T train continues down Chrystie and Water Streets (Phase 4)
Handicapped/disabled access Grand Street 4 B D trains (IND Sixth Avenue Line)
Handicapped/disabled access Chatham Square 4 at Worth Street
Handicapped/disabled access Seaport 4 at Fulton Street
Handicapped/disabled access Hanover Square 4 at Old Slip
Southern terminal station for T train (Phase 4)
Provision for expansion to Brooklyn


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