Ta kitrina gantia

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Ta Kitrina Gantia
The Yellow Gloves
Τα Κίτρινα Γάντια
Directed by Alekos Sakellarios
Written by Alekos Sakellarios
Starring Nikos Stavridis
Mimis Fotopoulos
Maro Kontou
Martha Vourtsi
Pantelis Zervos
Giannis Gkionakis
Music by Takis Morakis
Distributed by Damaskinos Michailidis, Finos Films
Release date(s) December 12, 1960
Running time 79 mins
Country Greece
Language Greek

Ta Kitrina Gantia (Greek: Τα Κίτρινα Γάντια, The Yellow Gloves) is a 1960 Greek comedy film made by Finos Films. It was directed by Alekos Sakellarios and stars Nikos Stavridis, Mimis Fotopoulos, Maro Kontou and Martha Vourtsi.


Orestis (Nikos Stavridis) is a pathologic jealous husband and always appeared to be suspicious. A stop in a cafe and the finding of yellow gloves which that suspected that his wife Rena (Maro Kontou) that cheated. He headed for his house that he can try to return all of Rena's alibi. Finally he accredited nothing that occurred and all his symptomatically misunderstood. Before he knew as he calmed down, another headache lead him to Moustakias (Mimis Fotopoulos) until he perceived that he finally used his friend of a servant Toula (Martha Vourtsi). A classical movie with pathologic jealousy.

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