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This table lists the vowel letters of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

IPA vowel chart
Front Near-​front Central Near-​back Back
Blank vowel trapezoid.svg
Paired vowels are: unrounded • rounded
Symbols with diacritics do not appear on the official IPA vowel chart. They are shown here for an easier access to articles.
This table contains phonetic symbols, which may not display correctly in some browsers. [Help]

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Vowel fact sheet[edit]

name height backness roundness IPA number IPA text IPA image Entity X-SAMPA Kirshenbaum Sound sample
Close front unrounded vowel close front unrounded 301 i Xsampa-i.png i i i Sound sample
Close front rounded vowel close front rounded 309 y Xsampa-y.png y y y Sound sample
Close central unrounded vowel close central unrounded 317 ɨ Xsampa-1.png ɨ 1 i" Sound sample
Close central rounded vowel close central rounded 318 ʉ Xsampa-rightcurly.png ʉ } u" Sound sample
Close back unrounded vowel close back unrounded 316 ɯ Xsampa-M.png ɯ M u- Sound sample
Close back rounded vowel close back rounded 308 u Xsampa-u.png u u u Sound sample
Near-close near-front unrounded vowel near-close near-front unrounded 319 ɪ Xsampa-I2.png ɪ I I Sound sample
Near-close near-front rounded vowel near-close near-front rounded 320 ʏ Xsampa-Y2.png ʏ Y I. Sound sample
Near-close near-back rounded vowel near-close near-back rounded 321 ʊ Xsampa-U2.png ʊ U U Sound sample
Close-mid front unrounded vowel close-mid front unrounded 302 e Xsampa-e.png e e e Sound sample
Close-mid front rounded vowel close-mid front rounded 310 ø Xsampa-2.png ø 2 Y Sound sample
Close-mid central unrounded vowel close-mid central unrounded 397 ɘ Xsampa-atslash.png &#600; @\ @<umd> Sound sample
Close-mid central rounded vowel close-mid central rounded 323 ɵ Xsampa-8.png &#629; 8 @.<umd> Sound sample
Close-mid back unrounded vowel close-mid back unrounded 315 ɤ Xsampa-7.png &#612; 7 o- Sound sample
Close-mid back rounded vowel close-mid back rounded 307 o Xsampa-o.png &#111; o o Sound sample
Mid central vowel mid central unrounded 322 ə Xsampa-at.png &#601; @ @ Sound sample
Open-mid front unrounded vowel open-mid front unrounded 303 ɛ Xsampa-E2.png &#603; E E Sound sample
Open-mid front rounded vowel open-mid front rounded 311 œ Xsampa-9.png &#339; 9 W Sound sample
Open-mid central unrounded vowel open-mid central unrounded 326 ɜ Xsampa-3.png &#604; 3 V" Sound sample
Open-mid central rounded vowel open-mid central rounded 395 ɞ Xsampa-3slash.png &#606; 3\ O" Sound sample
Open-mid back unrounded vowel open-mid back unrounded 314 ʌ Xsampa-V.png &#652; V V Sound sample
Open-mid back rounded vowel open-mid back rounded 306 ɔ Xsampa-O2.png &#596; O O Sound sample
Near-open front unrounded vowel near-open front unrounded 325 æ Xsampa-leftcurly.png &#230; { & Sound sample
Near-open central vowel near-open central vowel 324 ɐ Xsampa-6.png &#592; 6 &" Sound sample
Open front unrounded vowel open front unrounded 304 a Xsampa-a.png &#97; a a Sound sample
Open front rounded vowel open front rounded 312 ɶ Xsampa-amper.png &#630; & a. Sound sample
Open back unrounded vowel open back unrounded 305 ɑ Xsampa-A2.png &#593; A A Sound sample
Open back rounded vowel open back rounded 313 ɒ Xsampa-Q.png &#594; Q A. Sound sample

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