Tabor Academy (Essex)

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Tabor Academy
Type Academy
Executive Principal Mr Chris Bowler
Location Panfield Lane
England Coordinates: 51°53′08″N 0°32′25″E / 51.885443°N 0.540165°E / 51.885443; 0.540165
DfE URN 139179 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 1038
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–16
Houses Turner, Brunel, Austen and Redgrave

Tabor Academy is a Secondary school with Academy status located in Braintree, Essex, England.

Its Executive Principal is Chris Bowler and Mathew Slater has been appointed as Principal from September 2014. Mathew Slater is currently the Principal at Draper's Academy in Romford, Essex.


The school building was first built around 1992, sharing facilities with Braintree Leisure Centre. Since its opening it has been added to in stages. The original site contains 30 classrooms, and was intended to be the new building for the Senior section of the Tabor Science College located a short walk away. The second stage was completed when the Senior and Middle schools merged, and contains a similar amount of classrooms, and the Third stage (a new building built for the languages faculty was completed in the summer of 2006, adding an extra 5 classrooms and a new faculty office and locker space. The school replaced the Tabor High School as the secondary school for west Braintree and surrounding villages and the old Senior section site was knocked down in 2004. Steven Clark, its former Principal, was one of the youngest Head teachers in the UK.

The school converted to Academy status in January 2013. It is now part of the Lilac Sky Schools group. Since 2009 Lilac Sky has worked in over 107 schools and has led and managed 8 of these on behalf of local authorities and governing bodies. Lilac Sky been instrumental in supporting the school in its move to outstanding. The Lilac Sky Academy Trust sponsors schools to become Academies; Lilac Sky Schools also runs schools on a ‘not-for-profit’ based on fixed-term, management contracts, on behalf of Local Authorities, The Church, Governing Bodies and other Trusts. Tabor Academy is also a partner in the Braintree Sixth Form which opened on the Notley High School site in September 2009.

School Houses[edit]

Historically the school developed a reward scheme and mentoring system, all of which was developed by Steven Clark its former Principal. The school is also split into houses, Brunel house, Turner house, Austen house and Redgrave house. These houses are then split into forms in which pupils from all years are placed. The School's teacher/student mentoring program for year 11's helps those under-achieving.

New School Rules[edit]

As part of the process of becoming an academy, the school rules are becoming more strict. Many new rules are being enforced upon students to "Improve discipline". One of these rules, which starts in September 2014, has already caused outrage among students and parents. That rule prohibits students from using and carrying mobile phones during school hours, even at break and lunch. The staff at Tabor Academy have said the main reason for doing so is that the mobile phones are "distracting" and are the main outlet of cyber bullying.

School uniform[edit]

In the Summer Term of 2013, the Uniform was changed (along with the school into an Academy) into Purple blazers with the Tabor 'T' on the pocket-front, a white button-up collared shirt (either long or short-sleeved), grey trousers (for boys) and purple/grey tartan skirts along with grey tights (for girls). This Uniform is also worn with a purple clip-on tie with diagonal stripes of the house colours. This uniform was given (except for the tights and shirts) to the Tabor students before the Summer break and they were told to wear it whilst entering the new term. Senior prefects also have to wear silver stripes on their ties. Please note that students attending Tabor Academy must all wear matching uniforms, not following the rules about uniform will result in severe consequences. Students may NOT in any way express themselves or wear anything different than that stated in the uniform guidelines as that is prohibited in Tabor Academy.


The school is an RM center of Excellence[citation needed], and a Cambridge Partner School[citation needed].

The school was also voted best in Essex in an Essex FM competition in 2006[citation needed].

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