Tabor Hall

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Tabor Hall
Location Maribor, Slovenia
Owner City Municipality of Maribor
Capacity 3,800 (basketball, handball)
Surface parquet
Broke ground 1984
Built 1986
ŽKK Maribor (-2006)
KK Maribor (2006–2014)
RK Maribor Branik
OK Maribor

Tabor Hall (Dvorana Tabor) is a large multi-purpose sports venue in the Tabor region of Maribor in Slovenia.

Completed in 1986, it has 3,800 seats and can accommodate 4,500 spectators including standing areas. Three playing fields are arranged so that volleyball, basketball, and handball can all be played. It also has gymnasium facilities.[1]


Coordinates: 46°32′58.14″N 15°38′8.53″E / 46.5494833°N 15.6357028°E / 46.5494833; 15.6357028