Tacünnisa Hatun

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Tacünnisa Hatun
Born Hatice Halime
before 1415
Devrekani, Jandarid Principality
Died c. 1502
Bursa, the Ottoman Empire
Residence Bursa
Ethnicity Turkish
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Murad II
Ishak Pasha
Children Şehzade Isfendiyar
Küçük Şehzade Ahmed
Şehzade Alaaddin
Parents The daughter of Isfendiyar Bey, the seventh ruler of the Isfendiyarids

Tacünnisa Hatice Halime Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: تاج النساء خديجة حليمة خاتون, before 1415 - c. 1502) was the fifth wife of Ottoman Sultan Murad II. She was the mother of Şehzade Isfendiyar, Şehzade Alaaddin and Küçük Şehzade Ahmed of the Ottoman Empire.[1]


Tacünnisa Hatice Halime Hatun was born in Devrekani county of Kastamonu Province of Turkey, into the Jandar State as a Jandar princess. Majority of sources have claim that she was the daughter Isfendiyar Bey the ruler of the Isfendiyarids.[2] Some sources say that she was the grand daughter of Isfendiyar Bey, the ruler of the Isfendiyarids and the daughter of Isfendiyar Bey's son Taceddin Ibrahim Bey. In 1423, at Adrianople, she was married to Ottoman Sultan Murad II.

She gave birth to three sons, Şehzade Isfendiyar, Şehzade Alaaddin (1425 - 1442) and Küçük Şehzade Ahmed (November 1450 - 18 February 1451). According to some sources, she was the mother of Mehmed the Conqueror. After Murad's death in 1451, she was married to Ishak Pasha, one of Murad II officials.[3] She died in 1502 in Bursa.

She should not be confused with Hatice Âlime Hüma Hâtûn, who was married in 1428, the biological mother of Mehmed the Conqueror.

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