Tacklebox (mixtape)

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Mixtape by The Cool Kids
Released May 31, 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Genre Midwest hip hop
Alternative hip hop
Length 41.40
Label C.A.K.E.
Producer Chuck Inglish, Old Young, Ski Beatz, The Productionix
The Cool Kids chronology
Gone Fishing
When Fish Ride Bicycles

Tacklebox is the 2010 hip hop mixtape by Midwest rap duo The Cool Kids, and their third official mixtape after 2009's Gone Fishing.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Fishing Lessons
  2. Flying Kytes
  3. Freak City
  4. So Neat (Featuring Tennille)
  5. Going Camping
  6. Volume II
  7. Birthdays
  8. Great Outdoors
  9. Strawberry Girl
  10. Systems
  11. Good Afternoon
  12. Parking Lot
  13. Summer Nights (Featuring Tennille)
  14. Los Angeles Leakers Outro
  15. Gettin' Flicked (Featuring Boldy James)

Critical reception[edit]

Sound In The Signals Magazine gave the mixtape a positive review, stating:

"When I listen to this mixtape I do feel that it lacks some things The Bake Sale had, and I miss those things, but in many ways I see new ideas developing and coming to fruition that make this group an undeniable force in hip hop. Nobody wants to hear the same thing twice and if there are hundreds of copycat groups, the best way to combat that is staying creative and I definitely won’t take down a group for experimenting with ideas and trying to create a unique product." [1]


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