Tactical Sekt

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Tactical Sekt
Background information
Origin USA, Germany, UK
Genres Electro-Industrial
Years active 2002 – present
Labels NoiTekk (Europe)
COP International (USA)

Anthony Mather
Robert Schott

Jay Taylor

Tactical Sekt is an electro-industrial band formed in 2002. They use distorted vocals, EBM beats, and sampling.


Tactical Sekt was conceived by Anthony Mather in 2002 to 2003. Mather had experience with electro-industrial music in his former band, Aslan Faction. When Aslan Faction released their last album, Sin-Drome of Separation in 2003, Anthony already had a few ideas about a faster more danceable electronic style.

Tactical Sekt started touring regularly at the same time as Aslan Faction. After Aslan Faction stopped performing live and making new music, Mather decided to devote himself to Tactical Sekt. The album Geneticide was released soon afterwards in March 2003.[1]

Geneticide combined the darkness that fans of Aslan Faction loved with a deeply layered sonic wall of stabbing leads, heavy beats and dark samples.

Shortly after Geneticide, Tactical Sekt released Burn Process.[2] The music and the atmosphere were much more euro-trance like, this has very much started a trend in EBM/Industrial Music.

In the next few years, Tactical Sekt mostly performed live and did remixes for other groups.

In April 2006, a new album came out - Syncope.[3] The standard album featured 12 tracks. A limited edition featured a second disc containing never-before released tracks, mostly from the Geneticide period.[4]

Signature Tactical Sekt combined with very personal subject matter made the album the best selling Tactical Sekt album to date. Syncope received heavy club and radio play. Club hits like Chosen One, Not Entertained and Not Going to Work That Way remain staple dance tracks in Clubs around the world.

Tactical Sekt has played in most of the main Electro-industrial festivals such as Amphi Festival, Kinetik Festival, Wave Gothic Treffen, and many more.

In 2010 after a year long unexplained absence from the band and record label NoiTekk, original member Marco Gruhn would have to be replaced. Anthony and Jay soon welcomed on board long-time friend and musician Robert Schott. Robert's first live appearance was at the legendary Kinetik Festival in Montreal Canada.

In August 2010, the band announced that after a long wait, a new album was in the works. There is no working title yet released.

Band members[edit]

  • Anthony Mather - vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Robert Schott - synth, visuals
  • Jay Taylor - drums


Studio albums[edit]

Date of Release Title Label
2003 Geneticide NoiTekk
2003 Burn Process NoiTekk
2006 Syncope NoiTekk


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