Tadamasa Hayashi

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Tadamasa Hayashi

Tadamasa Hayashi (林 忠正?, 1853-1906) was a Japanese art dealer who introduced traditional Japanese art such as ukiyo-e to Europe.

Tadamasa was born to a family of Physician the Nagasaki family. When he was still a child, he was adopted to the Hayashi family, an upper class samurai of Toyama-han. He then went to attend the University of Tokyo. In 1878, he decided to go to Paris, as a translator to seek a new life abroad. In Paris, he began a career as Japanese art dealer.

 the front of an old French magazine showing a courtesan or oiran or 'geisha girl' in a colourful kimono her hair fantasically done up with cherry or almond blossom to the left
Title page of Paris Illustré "Le Japon' vol. 4, May 1886, no. 45-46

He provided the text for the May 1886 edition of Paris Illustré. Vincent van Gogh traced the figure on the title page for his painting The Courtesan.[1]

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