Tadami River

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Tadamigawa-River at Tadami, Tadami, Fukushima.jpg
The river near Tadami
Mouth Agano River
Basin countries Japan
Length 260 km (162 mi)
Basin area 8,400 km2 (3,243 sq mi)

The Tadami River (只見川 Tadami-gawa?) is a major tributary of the Agano River in Japan. Its basin covers 8,400 km2 (3,243 sq mi) and its main stem is extensively regulated and developed for hydroelectric power. The river is located within Niigata, Gunma and Fukushima Prefectures.[1]


Starting from the furthest upstream, the river is dammed by:


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Coordinates: 37°37′25″N 139°45′27″E / 37.62361°N 139.75750°E / 37.62361; 139.75750