Tadeusz Pruszkowski

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Memorial plaque in Warsaw

Tadeusz Pruszkowski (15 April 1888 – 30 June or 1 July 1942) was a Polish painter and educator, and from 1922 a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He was the initiator of numerous student and painter associations, such as the Warsaw School and the Fourth Group. He painted portraits and portrait studies.


Pruszowski was born in Borucice. He studied from 1904 in the Warsaw School of Fine Arts under the direction of Conrad Krzyżanowski. He travelled for some years, in France 1908-11, Switzerland and Algeria. The 1910-11 period he spent in Paris, where he studied the painting of the Dutch masters in museum galleries. He presented his work in salons and independent exhibitions.

Students from the Academy in Warsaw painted outdoors in Kazimierz Dolny between the two world wars, and the Fourth can be seen as a direct outcome of this idyllic period.

He died, aged 54, in Warsaw.

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