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Tadhg or Tadgh (/ˈtɡ/, /ˈtɡ/ or /ˈtɡ/),[1] is an Irish and Scottish Gaelic boy's name that was very common in the past. This was also the name of 11th-century kings of Connacht and Munster. Tadhg is most common in south-west Ireland, particularly in County Cork and County Kerry.

The name has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently, becoming the 40th most common name for baby boys in 2010 according to the Central Statistics Office in Ireland, up from 69th place in 2005.[2]


The name is also spelled "Taḋg" in the Irish uncial alphabet with an overdot over the d to indicate it is lenited; the "dh" serves a similar purpose in the modern spelling. Tadhg has been popularly anglicized as "Tighe" and other alternative spellings are "Tadgh", "Taidgh" (found in North London). The name is found once in an Old Norse Viking source spelled as "Taðkr".[citation needed]


The commonly accepted meaning of Tadhg is "poet"[3] or "storyteller". An alternative derivation from the Celtic *tazg(j)o-.

When the whole of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, many Irish names and place-names were given English meanings. Due to similarity in sound, Tadhg is often listed as an Irish equivalent of the name Thaddeus or Timothy, but these names are not actually related.

Famous people named Tadhg[edit]

  • Tadhg Cooke, Irish contemporary musician
  • Tadhg Kelly (born 1988), American actor and film producer
  • Tadhg Kennelly (born 1981), Gaelic and Australian Rules footballer
  • Tadhg Peavoy, Irish journalist and broadcaster for RTÉ
  • Tadhg Dall Ó hÚigínn (1550-1591), Irish poet murdered allegedly for writing a satirical poem which insulted a rival aristocratic family

George MacDonald Fraser's 1977 novel Flashman's Lady features the comic character Daedalus Tighe, and John B. Keane's 1965 play The Field, has a character named Tadhg McCabe.[4][5]

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