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Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Nizamabad
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Kamareddy

Tadwai is a village and a mandal in Nizamabad district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, located between Kamareddy and Nijamsagar. Some of the villages of the mandal are 23 villages Endriyal, Yerrapahad, Nandiwada, Chityal, Santaipet, Annaram, Argonda, Kondapur, Gundaram, Yellareddypalli, Baswannapalli, Vankayapalli, Somaram, Jangaldemi, Krishnajiwadi, Dewaipalli, Brimhajiwadi, Chandapur, Sangojiwadi, Kalojiwadi, Bhramanapalli, Demikalan, Kankal, Karadpalli, Tadwai and Abdulanagar.

Tadwai is home to the Sri Sadguru Shri Shabari Mathaji Ashram. Every year, several Lakhs devotes gather here to celebrate Rama Navami and Datta Jayanthi. It is a spiritual center of the Telangana region and also Central India. People from various parts of the world visit this ashram throughout the year.[1]

The main occupation for many people is agriculture. Sugarcane, Paddy and corn are the primary crops. Farmers here are considered[by whom?] to be very good at Jaggery preparation.

Tourist attractions in the Mandal include

  • Shree Shabari Matha Ashram, Tadawai.[2]
  • Shree Giant Hanuman Temple, Endriyal. Endriyal Village is famous for Bajanas and received various awards at state level and also they give bajana at Thirumala Temple.
  • Shree Mehar baba Mandhir, Kankal.
  • Shree Giant Hanuman statue on hills of Demi Kalan. Nizamabad Ex ZP Chairmen Shree Katipally Venkat Ramana Reddy belongs to this village.
  • Shree Raja Rajeshwara swami temple, Krishnajiwada.
  • Shree Beemeshwara Temple, Santhaipet.
  • Shree Shankara Temple, Chandapoor.
  • Shree Renuka Yellama Devi Temple and the newly opened Hanuman temple at Yerrapahad; This village celebrates Ugadi very religiously with ratha yatra and ox pulled cart races. This village has a history of producing perfumes since the 18th century by Dudappa family; Yellareddy constitution MLA Shree Anugu Ravindhar Reddy belongs to this village
  • Thick forest at various parts of the mandal.
  • Waterfalls in rainy season at various parts of the forest.


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Coordinates: 18°21′16″N 78°13′01″E / 18.35444°N 78.21694°E / 18.35444; 78.21694