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Elevation 1,566.7 m (5,140 ft)
Location South Korea
Range Taebaek Mountains
Coordinates 37°05′45″N 128°54′55″E / 37.09573°N 128.915239°E / 37.09573; 128.915239
Korean name
Hangul 태백산
Revised Romanization Taebaeksan
McCune–Reischauer T'aebaeksan

Taebaeksan, also known as Mount Taebaeksan or Mount Taebaek, is a South Korean mountain peak of Taebaek Mountains. It stretches from the city of Taebaek in Yeongwol-gun County, Gangwon-do Province to Bonghwa-gun County, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. It has an elevation of 1,566.7 m (5,140 ft).[1]


Manggyeongsa Temple in Hyeol-dong Taebaek, Yeongwol-gun County, Gangwon-do Province at an altitude of 1,460 meters on Taebaeksan, is a temple built to enshrine the statue of the Bodhisattva of wisdom. It was built by Jajang, a Silla Dynasty monk. The "Dragon Spring" at the entrance of the temple is known as the highest spring in Korea.[2]

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