Taft Stadium

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Taft Stadium
Full name Taft Stadium
Location Oklahoma City
Coordinates 35°29′45″N 97°34′01″W / 35.49583°N 97.56694°W / 35.49583; -97.56694Coordinates: 35°29′45″N 97°34′01″W / 35.49583°N 97.56694°W / 35.49583; -97.56694
Broke ground 1934
Built 1934
Opened 1934
Renovated 1999 (partial)
2013-2014 (WIP)
Owner Oklahoma City Public Schools
Operator Oklahoma City Public Schools
Surface Grass
General contractor WPA
Capacity 18,200 (1934-2013)
7,500 (2015-)
Oklahoma City Energy FC (2015-)
Northwest Classen HS
John Marshall HS
Oklahoma City Lightning
Oklahoma City Dolls
Oklahoma City Plainsmen
Oklahoma City Slickers

Taft Stadium is a WPA-built stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is the current home to teams from Northwest Classen High School and John Marshall High School. Built in 1934,[1] the stadium is currently under substantial renovation. A dirt track was installed in 1946.[2]

In addition to the high school uses that it was designed for, Taft Stadium also briefly hosted professional football games in 1968 as home of the Oklahoma City Plainsmen of the Continental Football League. Professional soccer's Oklahoma City Slickers also hosted games there in 1982-1983, and (as the Oklahoma City Stampede) in 1984.[3][4]

In January 2013, the Oklahoma City Public School District announced a plan to apply revenues from a past 2007 bond issue, as well as other funds, to substantially renovate both Taft Stadium and Speegle Stadium in Oklahoma City.[5] The combined budget is $19 million, with $9.7 million of that amount allocated to Taft Stadium specifically.[5][6] Under the renovation, due for completion in early 2014, the seating capacity will be reduced to approximately 7,500, with the red-stone facade being the only feature left unaltered.[6]

In June 2013, the Oklahoma Public School District announced they had granted a two-year lease to the ownership group of Oklahoma City's NASL franchise (subsequently named Oklahoma City FC), which plans planned to start play in 2015.[7] Under the lease agreement, Oklahoma City FC is to pay $100,000 toward upgrades to a proposed new scoreboard, whereas Oklahoma City Public Schools will receive 15 percent net paid in concessions; Oklahoma City FC will also earmark a $2 per ticket surcharge to support the Fields and Futures program in the city.[7]

Lease rights were apparently transferred to a competing soccer franchise, the Oklahoma City Energy, in March 2013 along with a shift in ownership.[8]


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