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Designer(s) Marcelo Rodrigues
Publisher(s) Editora GSA, Projeto Tagmar 2, Daemon Editora
Publication date 1991 (Editora GSA); September 2005 Projeto Tagmar 2; July 2006 Daemon Editora
Genre(s) Medieval fantasy
System(s) Tagmar, Daemon

Tagmar is a roleplaying game (RPG) launched in 1991 by GSA that claims to be the first such Brazilian offering on what was at the time a nascent market. The game was a typical early 1990s RPG but featured a series of innovations, the main one being that it was a self-contained package with everything necessary to play provided in a single book: rules, setting, magic, creatures and a pre-prepared adventure for beginners. At the time, RPG books were imported to Brazil and it was necessary to have several to play a game. Based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, Tagmar faced accusations that it was based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), especially from Dragão Brasil magazine, at the time edited by Marcelo Cassaro, while others claimed that is was very different. Due to a variety of factors including price, availability and innovation, such as the unprecedented concept of "Heroic Energy", in a short time Tagmar became a success and gathered a large fan base. During the 1990s, the "world" of Tagmar was enlarged through the publication of complementary books such as the "Creatures Book" (Livro de Criaturas) and "The Empire" (O Império). These books provided details on the appearance, skills and habitat of the creatures of Tagmar as well as information about new geographic regions.

This success continued until 1997 when the publisher GSA closed down leaving Tagmar to stagnate.


In September 2004, the original authors of Tagmar met and decided to release the commercial rights of the RPG on a non-profit basis. The "Tagmar II Project" then brought together a group of people to create the new version. This project was based on open gaming using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license[1] whereby all creative and development work was done by volunteers with two main objectives:

  • Create a new modern, updated and expanded version of Tagmar.
  • Deliver a professional 100% free (for non-commercial purposes) RPG downloadable from the Internet.

At the beginning of the 90s, Tagmar was considered one of the leading RPGs but the game did not follow the trends of other RPGs. As the Tagmar II Project began, a work plan was developed to address the following issues in the original game:

  • Inability to create characters (long-winded and required many tables based on numerous rolls of the dice.)
  • Good setting, but too small.
  • Imbalances between the professions and races.
  • Few options for character customization.
  • Combat system difficult to understand and use.
  • Little emphasis on roleplaying (interpretation) and the setting.

Following one year's development work, Tagmar version 2.0 was released in September, 2005. In March, 2006, version 2.1 added more rules and delivered the long-awaited expanded setting with the launch of the Book of Kingdoms. The current version, Tagmar 2.2 was launched in July, 2007 and brings increments to the professions of Bard and Tracker, an expanded and comprehensive Book of Creatures as well as numerous improvements to the rules.

Published material[edit]

Currently, Tagmar 2 has an extensive list of published titles that can be downloaded for free from the official site. Among these are:

  • Manual de Regras (Rules Handbook)
  • Livro dos Reinos (Book of Kingdoms)
  • Livro de Criaturas (Monsters' Book)
  • Livro de Magias (Book of Magic)
  • Livro de Cronicas (Chronicles)
  • Livro dos Arquétipos (Archetypes)
  • Livro de Introdução à Ambientação (Introduction to the Setting)
  • Livro das Ordens Sacerdotais (Clerical Orders)
  • Romance Traição & Magia (Treachery and Magic - Novel)
  • 4 Aventuras Prontas (Four ready to play adventures )
  • 6 Guias dos Colégios de Magia (Six Magic School Guides)
  • Guia Rápido de Criação de Personagens (Fast Character Creation Guide)
  • Guia de Magia para Principiantes (Beginner's Magic Guide)


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