Taha al-Hashimi

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Taha al-Hashimi
Taha al-Hashimi.jpg
President of the United Popular Front
Vice President Mohammed Ridha Al-Shabibi
Succeeded by Mohammed Ridha Al-Shabibi
22nd Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
February 3, 1941 – April 1, 1941
Monarch Faisal II
Preceded by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani
Succeeded by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani
Personal details
Born 1888 (1888)
Died 1961 (1962)
Political party United Popular Front
Relations older brother of twice Iraqi Prime Minister, Yasin al-Hashimi

Taha al-Hashimi (Arabic: طه الهاشمى &lrm‎;) (1888–1961) served briefly as prime minister of Iraq for two months, from February 1, 1941, to April 1, 1941. He was appointed prime minister by the regent, 'Abd al-Ilah, following the first ouster of the pro-Axis government of Rashid Ali al-Kaylani during World War II. When Abdul-Illah fled the country, fearing an assassination attempt, Hashimi resigned, and the government reverted to Kaylani. His younger brother, Yassin, had been Iraqi Prime Minister in 1924 & 1936.