Tahereh Salmassi

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Tahereh Salmassi
Born (1949-09-19)September 19, 1949
Tehran, Iran
Known for Iranian classical music interpretation
Spouse(s) Dr. Sadegh Salmassi
Children Ali and Nahal

Tahereh Salmassi (Persian: طاهره سلماسی‎) (born 19 September 1949, in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian American singer of Iranian classical music.

Early life[edit]

Tahereh Salmassi lived in Tehran until 1976, when she moved to the United States with her family (her husband Dr. Sadegh Salmassi and their children Ali and Nahal), since her husband had to continue his academic education. She has been always interested in singing as she was part of the singing group at school at all ages. However, she never considered being a professional singer because of cultural and traditionalist issues.


She began her singing career at the request of her son Ali, who was also interested in music and believed that she could become a praised singer (she was a housewife until that moment). Ali, a medical student with humanitarian convictions, died in sleep (January 9, 1998) at his home right after he came back from visiting his parents for New Year's celebrations. In that last visit, he urged his mother to sing for the world, telling her that he believes her voice can make a difference, giving relaxation and faith to the people.

Tahereh considered this request as his last wish and, in this sense, she received also the support and the encouragement of her husband. She began working professionally with Iranian music masters and, a year after Ali died, she had her first concert with Iranian composer Esmaeil Tehrani in Los Angeles. In her subsequent musical career she became known for her classical music songs that employ lyrics of classical and contemporary Iranian poets and music created by some well-known Iranian composers. She is also involved with various consulting and psychotherapy institutes in U.S., using her singing to help people that suffered traumas.

She has been featured in the documentary film Hobute Rang (writer & director - Hirbod Toorminaei (Human)), about her mission to keep Iranian classical music alive. The documentary is based on interviews with Iranian poets, music composers, arrangers, journalists that worked with Tahereh Salmassi, discussing about the Iranian classical culture.


Year Album/Film Composer Arrangement Lyrics Director
1999 Avaye Nahan (album)
آوای نهان
Esmaeil Tehrani
اسماعیل تهرانی
Esmaeil Tehrani
اسماعیل تهرانی

Majzoub Alishah
مجذوب علیشاهی
Pejman Bakhtiari
پژمان بختیاری

2001 Douri Ze Baram (album)

دوری ز برم

Esmaeil Tehrani

اسماعیل تهرانی

Esmaeil Tehrani

اسماعیل تهرانی

Ahmadreza Ahmadi

احمدرضا احمدی
Ali Agha-Mohammadi
علی آقا محمدی

Abbas Hojat Panah

عباس حجت پناه


Maadar (album)

Keyavash Nourai
کیاوش نورایی
Keyavash Nourai
کیاوش نورایی
Parvin Bavafa

پروین باوفا

Hirbod Toorminaei (Human)

هیربد تورمینایی


Ensanam Arezoust (album)
انسانم آرزوست

Keyavash Nourai
کیاوش نورایی

Mohammad Shams
محمد شمس
Mohammad Heydari
محمد حیدری

Keyavash Nourai

کیاوش نورایی
Mohammad Shams
محمد شمس
Kazem Alami
کاظم عالمی
Manouchehr Cheshmazar
منوچهر چشم آذر


Hossein Vesal
حسین وصال
Homa Mirafshar
هما میرافشار

Hirbod Toorminaei (Human)

هیربد تورمینایی


Hobute Rang (documentary)
هبوط رنگ

Hirbod Toorminaei (Human)
هیربد تورمینایی

2011 Mahe Man (album)

ماه من

Javad Lashgari
جواد لشگری

Majid Vafadar
مجید وفادار
جواد بديع زاده
Asadollah Malek
اسدلله ملک
Esmaeil Mehrtash
اسماعیل مهرتاش
Habibolah Badiee
حبیب الله بدیعی
Akbar Mohseni
اکبر محسنی
Mehdi Khaledi
مهدی خالدی
Emad Ram
عماد رام
Mostafa Nouriani
مصطفا نورانی
Homayoun Khoram
همایون خرم
Keyavash Nourai
کیاوش نورایی

Keyavash Nourai
کیاوش نورایی
Abdollah Olfat

عبدلله الفت
Parviz Khatibi
پرویز خطیبی
Touraj Negahban
تورج نگهبان
Bijan Taraghi
بیژن ترقی
Iraj Janatie Ataie
ایرج جنتی عطایی
Moeini Kermanshahi
معینی کرمانشاهی
Teymur Tash
تیمور تاش
Moayed Sabeti
معیر ثابتی
Rahi Mo'ayyeri
رحی معیری
Karim Fakour
کریم فکور
Moshregh Kashani
محسن کاشانی
Nezam Fatemi
نظام فاطمی
Simin Behbahani
سیمین بهبهانی

Hirbod Toorminaei (Human)

هیربد تورمینایی


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