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Developer(s) Hoplon Infotainment
Publisher(s) Hoplon Infotainment
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
  • BR October 15, 2008
Genre(s) MMOSG
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Taikodom is a computer game by Brazilian developer Hoplon Infotainment. Considered by the developers to be a Massive Social Game rather than MMORPG, Taikodom features a persistent online outer space environment.

In 2007, an English version of the beta was released.

Hoplon hosts the commercial version on an IBM zSeries (specifically the z9, then later upgrade to a z10) mainframe (also called the "gameframe" because it is linked to bladeservers with Cell/B.E. processors) running Linux.[1]



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