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Origin Hollywood, California, United States
Genres Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Alternative Rock
Years active 2007–2010
Labels Suburban Noize Records
Website Official Website
Past members Jason Ellis
Michael "Cowfucker" Tully
Christian "Shoebox" Hand
Josh "Raw Dog" Richmond
Benji Madden

Taintstick was a satirical American hard rock band, signed to Suburban Noize Records.[1] Their debut album released on October 27, 2009. In 2010, front man Jason Ellis, announced the end of the band after EllisMania 6 and the premiere of his new band, Death! Death! Die!.


Taintstick (formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Taintstick") was formed in 2007 by skateboarder and radio personality Jason "Daddy Jacecakes" Ellis, along with Michael "Cowfucker" Tully, and Christian "Shoebox" Hand. In 2008, Josh "Raw Dog" Richmond would join the group as a bassist, though his musical contributions are unclear. In September 2009, Benji Madden, of Good Charlotte fame, joined as an actual bass player for the band, since Raw Dog does not know how to play the bass guitar. Raw Dog has since been assigned the cowbell and triangle. In July 2010, Taintstick covered Jennifer Lopez song "Waiting for Tonight"

Taintstick's music is regularly featured on Sirius XM radio's Faction (Sirius XM) channel, which has also broadcast extended programs featuring interviews with band members, and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of their album.[2]


In 2009, as a blatant effort at self-promotion, comedy pseudo metal band Taintstick jokingly declared war against country singer Tim McGraw. The band was calling for McGraw's retirement. Their official statement was "Look, McGraw – you're too fucking old. 40 million sold and eleven consecutive number one albums. You've even got a famous wife I want to bang the hell out of, so we got nothing but love for you. Cowfucker's Mom even went to one of your concerts one time and said you put on a good show, but enough’s enough. Taintstick is here to hunt big game, and you're directly in the bullseye, So let's do this; 'Southern Voice' vs 'Six Pounds of Sound' winner take all. Whomever sells more gets the glory, while the loser goes home forever. You in?"[3]

Live performances[edit]

To date, the band has played three live shows. In October 2009, Taintstick performed with new member, bass guitarist Benji Madden from Good Charlotte at the club Wasted Space, in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. RawDog was on stage playing the keyboard and triangle after losing his bass player spot to Madden.[4] When playing in October 2009, Blasko, bassist for Ozzy Osbourne jumped on stage and played bass for Tainstick's tribute to "Crazy Train".

The second show was announced for December 30, 2009 at the Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood)[5] in West Hollywood, CA. Taintstick played before headliner and Subnoize labelmates Unwritten Law.[6] Lead singer and founder, Jason Ellis, said on his live EllisMania.com show that the record label owner said "He thinks Taintstick could be something big and he's never seen a band win the crowd over like that in the 15 years he's been involved in the music business and that if I wanted to take it serious that we could really make a go of it, so maybe I will." [7] The band reportedly sold more "merch" than the headliner Unwritten Law and the only comment from the band was from cowbell player and pianist RawDog which was simply "Red Dragons".

The third show they have performed at was at SRH fest 2010. They performed just after The Pricks and just before Kutt Calhoun. The crowd sang most of their songs and women were teased by the lead singer. When he asked "Who wants to fuck me tonight?" all the women screamed to which he added "Well that sucks for you, I'm married with two kids. My dick is just for show."

Music videos[edit]

Released on October 20, 2008, the video for their debut single "Apple Juice", featuring celebrities Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, Amber Smith, Heidi Cortez, Angie Savage, Mayhem Miller, Ryo Chonan, King Mo, has over 180,000 views on YouTube.[8]

The band has finished shooting the video for their second single "Monkeys Of War." It was reported during a segment on "The Jason Ellis Show" by Tully that the video will be released closer to the release of their debut album.[9] The video was eventually included with their debut album, Six Pounds of Sound, as part of a DVD bonus disk and can now be found on YouTube and EllisMania



Year Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
(sales thresholds)
2009 Six Pounds Of Sound 120 2 11 10
"—" denotes a release that did not chart.

Awards and achievements[edit]

Gibson Guitars selected Taintstick as one of "Today's Five Worst Band Names."[10]


  • Jason Ellis — Vocals
  • Christian Hand — Drums, Production
  • Michael Tully — Guitar
  • Josh Richmond — Cowbell, Triangle, Keyboard