Taipei City Hall Bus Station

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Taipei City Hall Bus Station
Taipei city hall bus station north side.jpg
Taipei City Hall Bus Station
Municipality Taipei
District(s) Xinyi
Address Keelung Road
Type At-grade
Opened August 5, 2010
Rail services
Operator(s) Uni-President Enterprises Corporation
Aiga bus inv.svg Major bus terminal(s) attached to station

The Taipei City Hall Bus Station (Chinese: 市府轉運站) is a multi-use transportation complex located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. It serves as a transportation hub for bus and metro, with the metro's Taipei City Hall Station incorporated into the basement.


Taipei City Hall Bus Station east side

The station covers an area of 2,500 ping (7934 m2) and will operate using a BOT scheme for 50 years under Uni-President Enterprises Corporation.[1] It is situated on the southeastern side of the intersection of Keelung Road and Zhongxiao East Road. The 150-meter tall station building has 31 stories above ground and 5 stories below. Plans for the station date back to 1998 under then-mayor Ma Ying-jeou.[2]

It houses facilities for a shopping mall (Uni-President Hankyu Department Store) and hotel. The shopping mall will have nine levels (including two underground) and will have a total floor space of 8,000 ping (26,446 m2).[3] The mall is expected to open by October 2010.[4] The station opened for service on August 5, 2010, and is estimated to serve around 10,000 bus commuters per day.[5] The entire station complex is expected to serve 100,000 people per day.[3] Since opening, ridership has been above expectations, with around 24,000 people using the bus services daily.[6]

The bus station is aimed at reducing congestion at Taipei Bus Station near Taipei Station,[5] as well as serving the bustling Xinyi District.[7] In addition to short-distance bus services, many long-distance bus services to cities in northern and central Taiwan originate from the station.

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