Taji, Iraq

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"Taji" redirects here. For the town in Brazil sometimes called Taji, see Fazenda Tagy. For the village in Iran, see Taji, Iran.
Taji is located in Iraq
Taji's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 33°30′33″N 44°14′03″E / 33.50917°N 44.23417°E / 33.50917; 44.23417Coordinates: 33°30′33″N 44°14′03″E / 33.50917°N 44.23417°E / 33.50917; 44.23417
Country  Iraq
Governorate Baghdad Province
District Taji District
 • Total 200,000

Taji, (Arabic: التاجي‎) is a Sunni Arab rural district north of the city of Baghdad, within Baghdad Province and Saladin Province.

Taji District has about 400,000 inhabitants.


Al-Taji airfield, in the volatile Sunni Triangle, was originally an Iraqi Republican Guard base during the Saddam era. It was once a center for the manufacture of chemical weapons. Taji was also the location of the largest tank maintenance facility in Iraq.


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