Tajikistan–Uzbekistan relations

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Uzbekistan – Tajikistan relations
Map indicating locations of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan



Uzbekistan–Tajikistan relations refers to the relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Tajikistan.

Western analysts say that the two countries are "engaged in an undeclared cold war".[1]


Gas export to Tajikistan[edit]

Tajikistan depends mainly on gas imported from Uzbekistan and has few other energy sources and suffers from chronic electricity shortages. Uzbekistan uses the energy arm to curb Tajikistan in the Rogun Dam dispute. Analysts estimate Tajikistan’s gas requirements at 1.2 billion m³/year while in 2012, the country only received the tenth of this amount at a price of US $300/1000 m³. This quantity has been enough to operate just one Tajik power plant.[2]


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