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Coordinates: 32°52′54.59″N 13°20′23.76″E / 32.8818306°N 13.3399333°E / 32.8818306; 13.3399333

Tajura is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°52′54.59″N 13°20′23.76″E / 32.8818306°N 13.3399333°E / 32.8818306; 13.3399333
Country Libya
Muhafazah Greater Tripoli
Baladiyah Tajura
 • Governing body Tajura Municipal Council
Elevation 6 m (22 ft)
Population (2006)[1]
 • Total 48,836
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
1913 map with Tajura (spelled Tagiura), on the Mediterranean in the Tripolitania region.
Tajura Oasis in 1913.
Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Tajura (Arabic: تاجوراءTājūrā’), also spelt Tajoura, is a town in north-western Libya, and baladiyah in the Tripoli Muhafazah, on the Mediterranean coast 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) east of Tripoli.[2]

From 2001 to 2007 Tajura was the capital of the Tajura wa Arba' District. Tajura is also known to be the most anti-Gaddafi district in Tripoli and had high casualties in the Libyan Civil War.


The Ottoman Turks established a base at Tajura in 1531.[3] Under the command of Khayr al-Din, the site was selected for its proximity to Tripoli which had come under the Knights of Malta in 1530 when Charles V of Spain, as King of Sicily, had given them Tripoli, Gozo and Malta. Tripoli was captured in the Siege of Tripoli.

Legend has it that the town is called "Tajura" because a long time ago, a beautiful queen used to rule Tajura and her name was Ura, and she had a jeweled crown, which was called a taj (Arabic: تاج‎) in Arabic. One day, this queen lost her taj, and she ordered her people to look for it. Her people started to look for her taj by saying where is taj Ura, and they never found it, but the town was named after the searchers' cry: "Tajura". A less whimsical suggestion of origin is that the town was called taj because it was like a crown on the bluff above the sea.

Tajura was the center of Libya's nuclear research, with a 10 megawatt reactor, built by the Soviet Union, which came online in 1981.[4]

Districts of Tajura[edit]

  • Abe Al Ash'her
  • Al-Marouhna
  • Al Hamidiya
  • Be'ar Al Sanyaa
  • Shatt al-Sidi Othman (Sidi Othman)
  • Btisp
  • Be'ar Al Osta Milad
  • El Atamana
  • Dakhla
  • Rima
  • Jaber Al-Diyar
  • Almchai - Aribat - and the cemetery Sahaabi and Hada title Almchai
  • Market - the middle
  • Goudec
  • Punishment (the headquarters of the commander Uqba)
  • Al Knadra

al mashin

Tourism in Tajura[edit]

  • Tajura tourist village Sidi al-Andalus. Used occasionally as a meeting place by Muammar al-Gaddafi. Mainly used as guest house by Teknica (UK) Ltd, and for a short time by Taknia Libya. Demolished in December 2010.
  • Village Heroj
  • Fish Market
  • "Best Fish Restaurants and Takeways in Libya"

Tajura Sports Centre[edit]

  • Club editorial
  • Club Abe Al Ash'her
  • Club Hamidiya


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