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Takamul Program
برنامج تكامل
Type Patent Innovation Program
Headquarters Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Area served Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)
Parent Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC)
Website www.takamul.gov.ae

The Takamul program is an innovation support program developed and operated by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC). It was created[when?] to help individuals, universities and enterprises, located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the wider United Arab Emirates, to realize the full potential of their innovative ideas.

Program overview[edit]

The Takamul program is an innovation support program developed and operated by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC).

The initial focus of Takamul has been on intellectual property, a key enabler of impactful innovation: the program helps individuals, universities and enterprises, to become familiar with the subject of Intellectual Property (IP), protection rights, and to get financial support in protecting their innovative ideas when registering a patent. Takamul was created in the overall context of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 that aims for the diversification of its natural resources-based industries by fostering a knowledge-based economy. The generation of new ideas is at the center of this vision.

The rationale for supporting UAE innovations is clear: “The Takamul program helps in raising awareness of protecting intellectual property, patent applications and filling, which are low in the region compared to international benchmarks. In Alberta and Norway, businesses have leveraged the region’s natural resource advantages in filed patents for innovations in oil and gas extraction. According to NIPO and Capital IQ, in 2012 Exxon Mobile filed 749 patents in Norway, while Statoil filed 677. Abu Dhabi should use its expertise and knowledge in natural resources as a starting point for increased patent production, and then broaden to other industries where it has specific expertise.”. [1]


Takamul logo.

Takamul (Arabic meaning of “Integration”) describes the “integral” mathematical operation. In mathematics, an integral represents the sum of results for an equation between two points.).[2]

Similar to its mathematical namesake, Takamul Program’s ultimate mission is to facilitate the integration of each stage of the innovation cycle between the starting point (generating ideas) and the end state (the practical application of these ideas through innovative products, solutions and services). This is illustrated in the program’s logo – an integral sign that begins with ideas (colored in grey) and transitions into application (colored in red).[3]

Program Objectives and Activities[edit]

Takamul has the following overall objectives in the space of intellectual property:

  • Encouraging and supporting the creation and attraction of IP by Abu Dhabi and UAE individuals and institutions
  • Positioning the United Arab Emirates as one of the world’s developed IP ecosystems

The specific activities that have been put in place to achieve these objectives are:

  1. IP seminars for industry and academia, to increase the awareness about IP and its protection, and the mechanics of filling patents
  2. Providing legal and financial support for international patent fillings to Abu Dhabi and UAE individuals, academic institutions and companies

At its inception in 2011 the program’s support was limited to, UAE National inventors, Enterprises and Academic Institutions from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; in 2013 the program has been extended to the entire United Arab Emirates. Details on the terms and conditions[4] of the program and the available support are regularly published on the Takamul website.

To date the program supported innovations in several important economic sectors, including:

Details of the innovations supported in 2011 and in 2012 are described on the program website and on dedicated yearly publications.[5][6]


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