Takanori Jinnai

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Takanori Jinnai
Born 陣内孝則 (Jinnai Takanori?)
(1958-08-12) August 12, 1958 (age 56)
Ōkawa, Fukuoka, Japan
Occupation Actor, Singer, Director
Years active 1978 - present

Takanori Jinnai (陣内孝則 Jinnai Takanori?) is a Japanese actor, film director, and singer. He was born August 12, 1958 in Okawa, Fukuoka. He made his directorial debut with Rockers (ロッカーズ or Rokkazu), a 2003 film based on his years as vocalist for the punk rock band The Rockers (ザ・ロッカーズ). He was nominated best actor for a Japanese Academy Award three times, once in 1988 and twice in 1989. He won the award for Best Actor at the 12th Hochi Film Awards for Chōchin.[1]


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