Takargo Rail

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Takargo Rail
Industry Rail transport
Founded 2006[1]
Headquarters -, Portugal
Revenue €14.8 million (2009)[2]
Parent Mota-Engil[1]

Takargo Rail is a Portuguese rail transport company founded in 2006 by Mota-Engil to take advantage of rail liberalisation in the European Union.


Founded in 2006 by Mota-Engil, the company was the first private train operator in Portugal, operating trains in 2008.[1] The company is involved in the rail transport of maritime intermodal freight and bulk freights (aggregatess, metals, raw materials).[1]

A joint venture Ibercargo Rail was formed in 2009 with the Spanish company COMSA Rail Transport for rail freight operations between Spain and Portugal.[1][3][4] The intermodal freight service was launched in 2010.[5]

Rolling stock[edit]

As of 2009 Takargos locomotive fleet includes seven Euro 4000 locomotives (Portuguese class 6000), and two Portuguese class 1400 diesel locomotives.[2]

Euro 4000 (Class 6000) (April 2010) 
Class 1400, number 1449 (August 2008) 


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