Takashi Mura

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Takashi Mura
2014 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final Takashi Mura IMG 3270.JPG
Personal information
Country represented Japan
Born (1960-11-11) November 11, 1960 (age 54)
Tottori, Japan
Former partner Yukiko Okabe
Toshimi Ito
Retired 1984
Japanese name
Kanji 無良 隆志
Kana むら たかし

Takashi Mura (無良 隆志 Mura Takashi?, born November 11, 1960) is a Japanese former competitive figure skater who currently works as a coach. He is the 1976 World Junior silver medalist, winning that medal at the first World Junior Championships to be held. He went on to win six medals in singles at the Japan Figure Skating Championships, and won it twice in pairs. His highest placement as a singles skater at the World Figure Skating Championships was 12th, in 1982. As a pair skater, he placed 12th with Yukiko Okabe in 1980, and 14th with Toshimi Ito in 1983.

He is the father and former coach of Takahito Mura. He has also coached Yosuke Takeuchi to the Olympics.


Single skating[edit]

Event 1975–76 1977–78 1978–79 1979–80 1980–81 1981–82 1982–83 1983–84
World Championships 15th 12th
World Junior Champ. 2nd
NHK Trophy 6th 4th 7th 9th
Prague Skate 1st
Japan Championships 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd

Pair skating with Ito[edit]

Event 1980–81 1981–82 1982–83 1983–84
World Championships 14th
NHK Trophy 3rd 6th
Ennia Challenge Cup 6th
Prague Skate 3rd
Japan Championships 1st

Pair skating with Okabe[edit]

Event 1979–1980
World Championships 12th
NHK Trophy 5th
Ennia Challenge Cup 5th
Japan Championships 1st


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