Take Me Round Again

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Take Me Round Again
Studio album by The Fiery Furnaces
Released November 2009 (online)
Recorded July 2009
Genre Indie rock
Label Thrill Jockey
The Fiery Furnaces chronology
I'm Going Away
Take Me Round Again

Take Me Round Again is The Fiery Furnaces' ninth album. It was first released, in MP3 format, through Thrill Jockey Records, in November of 2009. The album is being described as "The Friedbergers cover the Friedbergers,"[1] in reference to core members and siblings, Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger.

Track listing[edit]

  1. I'm Going Away - Matthew
  2. I'm Going Away - Eleanor
  3. Keep Me in the Dark - Eleanor
  4. Cut the Cake - Eleanor
  5. Even in the Rain - Eleanor
  6. Drive to Dallas - Matthew
  7. Keep Me in the Dark - Matthew
  8. Ray Bouvier - Eleanor
  9. Cups + Punches - Eleanor
  10. Take Me Round Again - Matthew
  11. Cut the Cake - Matthew
  12. Staring at the Steeple - Matthew


Recorded separately in Michigan and New York, Matt and Eleanor each recorded six songs that originally appeared on I'm Going Away. The tracks represent a reworked, rearranged, rewritten versions of the songs. According to the record's page at the Thrill Jockey website, "All that remains the same are the words."[2]

While Matthew described the album as an "alternative version of the record," Eleanor explained:

“I’ve gotten into the habit of rewriting songs Matt has written, just as a way of practicing and singing at home. Originally, I had wanted to record a folk-style record called Eleanor Friedberger sings the songs of the Fiery Furnaces. I thought it would make a nice greatest hits record, but reworking I’m Going Away before it even came out seemed a lot more exciting.”[3]


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