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Takengon is located in Indonesia
Coordinates: 4°36′N 96°51′E / 4.600°N 96.850°E / 4.600; 96.850Coordinates: 4°36′N 96°51′E / 4.600°N 96.850°E / 4.600; 96.850
Country Indonesia
Province Aceh
Regency Central Aceh Regency
 • Etnic: Aceh 80%, chinese 10%, minangkabau, gayo and javanese
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Takengon is a town in Aceh, a province of Indonesia and is the seat (capital) of the Central Aceh Regency. The town is in the highlands of western Sumatra and situated on the shores of Lake Lut Tawar. The region around Takengon is well known for its coffee. The indigenous people in Takengon are the Gayonese people or as they're usually called, "urang Gayo". The most of popular dance in this region is Didong. Formerly Didong used as tools by Islamic preacher to spreading Islamic teaching. In recent time, Didong usually is exhibited in important and special events, such as wedding party or welcoming ceremony in formal agenda.

Takengon to Medan

You can take numerous bus services from Payailang Bus Terminal. There is also a night bus that leaves at 20.00 to Medan run by Sampati Star bus service. Their ticket office is located at Payailang.