Takiyama Prefectural Natural Park

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Takiyama Prefectural Natural Park
Location Tokyo, Japan
Nearest city Hachiōji
Area 6.61 km²
Established 7 November 1950

Takiyama Prefectural Natural Park (都立滝山自然公園 Toritsu Takiyama shizen kōen?) is a Prefectural Natural Park in Western Tokyo, Japan. Established in 1950, the park's central feature is Mount Taki, to the south of the confluence of the Tama and Aki (秋川?) Rivers. The park is celebrated for its views over the Kantō Plain.[1][2]

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Coordinates: 35°42′5.3″N 139°19′45.2″E / 35.701472°N 139.329222°E / 35.701472; 139.329222