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Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Mardan District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Area code(s) 0937

Takkar is a village and union council of Mardan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[1] It is located at 34°17′18N 71°53′50E and has an altitude of 338 metres (1,109 ft).[2]

Takkar is a historical village of District Mardan, 20 kilometres away from Mardan city towards the North-West.


The Takkar Massacre was a massacre of non-violent protesters committed by soldiers of the British Raj in 1930, following the Qissa Khwani bazaar massacre.

The firing happened at Takkar in Mardan Tehsil on May 30, when local villagers attempted to stop soldiers from arresting activists of the Khudai Khidmatgar movement. In the ensuing shooting an English police officer called Murphy was killed. Three days later, a large troop force attacked the village in retaliation. [1] Takkar was immortalised and folksongs were written to remember the tragedy. “Pa Takkar jang de,” is still a popular and sorrowful folksong that depicted the village scene on the day of the British offensive on Takkar. According to a Pashto book titled, ‘Da Khpal Waakaye Tarun’, published in Afghanistan, 70 people were martyred and 150 wounded in the violence unleashed by the British force. Some of the martyred were identified as Juma Syed, Sanobar Kaka, Zarawar Khan and Baghi Shah

Postal code[edit]

Postal code of Takkar village is 23164


There is one higher secondary school for males, and one high school for girls. There are four primary schools for boys, a private school, and one primary school for girls. There is 100% education for both male and female.


The streets of Mohallah are:

  1. Gujjran
  2. Rawani
  3. Shabaz Khel
  4. Hasan zai
  5. Kharkai Cham
  6. Qureshan

Ethnic Tribe[edit]

  1. Gujjar
  2. Akhonzada
  3. Yousaf zai (Rawani)(Majority)
  4. Shahbaz khel
  5. Khattak:
  6. Hasanzai

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Coordinates: 34°17′18″N 71°53′50″E / 34.28833°N 71.89722°E / 34.28833; 71.89722