Tal: His Marvelous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom

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Tal: His Marvelous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom
Author Paul Fenimore Cooper
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy-Adventure-Folk tales
Published 2001 (Purple House Press)
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 305 pp
ISBN 1-930900-08-2
OCLC 57670883
LC Class PZ8.C792 Tal 2001
Preceded by Tricks of Women and Other Albanian Tales
Followed by Island of the Lost

Tal: His Marvelous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom is a novel by Paul Fenimore Cooper, illustrated by Ruth Reeves. It was first published in 1929. New editions were published in 1957, and most recently in 2001 by Purple House Press. Tal is the story of an orphan who goes on a quest to the land of Troom with a wise story teller, Noom-Zor-Noom, and his talking donkey.

Plot summary[edit]

A man and his talking donkey take a young boy, Tal, on an adventure. The man has been chosen to tell a story on an occasion of great importance and it must be the very best story possible. The man has chosen Tal to travel with him, thinking that the boy will be able to help him choose the right story. Each day they travel through different lands and meet new characters, and each night the man shares a new story with Tal. He is expecting that, by journey's end, Tal will choose the best story.


The book consists of the stories that Noom-Zor-Noom tells Tal on their way to Troom. It has been compared favorably to The Wizard of Oz, and has a journey plot.[1] The book was reprinted in 1957, and again in 2001.

Main characters[edit]

  • Tal
  • Noom-Zor-Noom
  • Millitinkle

Minor characters[edit]

  • King Tazzarin of Troom
  • The Mellikanoo
  • The Wimzies
  • The Elephant Ferryman

Storytellers in Troom[edit]

  • Repper-Tep-Tep
  • Brah
  • Akadon
  • Punda-Poo
  • Noom-Zor-Noom


  • Martoona
  • Troom

Noom Zor Noom's Stories[edit]

  • "The Enchanted Tapestry"
  • "The Turtle"
  • "The Cloud"
  • "The Green Horse"
  • "Millitinkle"
  • "The Music Box"
  • "Trumbilloo the Magician"
  • "Sar, Nar, and Jinook"
  • "The Cobbler"
  • "Bantagooma"
  • "Tarrandar's Secret"
  • "The Toy Maker"
  • "The Four Winds"
  • "The Great Giant Bunggah"


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