Talana, KwaZulu-Natal

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Talana is located in South Africa
 Talana shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 28°10′41″S 30°15′18″E / 28.178°S 30.255°E / -28.178; 30.255Coordinates: 28°10′41″S 30°15′18″E / 28.178°S 30.255°E / -28.178; 30.255
Country South Africa
Province KwaZulu-Natal
District Umzinyathi
Municipality Endumeni
PO box 3023

Talana is a village 5 km east of Dundee on the route between Vryheid and Glencoe. The name is Zulu and means 'little shelf', referring to a flat-topped hill nearby, scene of the famous Battle of Talana Hill on 20 October 1899, between the Boers and the British.[1]


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