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Talecraft is a Philippine based story-telling card game developed by Ria Lu. It aims to promote the creation of stories by means of randomly picked cards that decide the key elements of the author's narrative. It is currently being published by Komikasi Enterprise.

Game mechanics[edit]

The card set is divided into three stacks: Genre, Archetype and Key. The Genre stack decides the genre of the story. The Archetypes define the characters and the Key determine the plot line or the keywords that are required to be used.

At the beginning of each game, each player randomly picks one card from genre, two from archetype and six keys. They are then asked to formulate a narrative based from the cards they have received. If the player got a key card known as "Pick", the player is required to get a card from either the Genre or Archetype stack and add it into his story. Meanwhile, the "Swap" key card allows the player to discard one of any of his cards at hand and chooses a new card from the same stack as the discarded.

All the players are given five minutes each to create their stories, after which they share their tale with their peers.

Given that the quality of stories are based on personal tastes, the game is often played with no winners being declared.[1] However, this is not a requirement, as the game could be played in different variations, where authors of the best stories could be decided upon by votes or non-player judges.

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