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Talent Technology Corporation is a software company located in Richmond, British Columbia that develops recruiting and hiring software for recruiting firms, staffing companies, job boards, executive search firms, and corporate HR departments.[1] As of January 2012, Talent Technology employs 100 people in Canada and the US.[2]


Talent Technology was founded in 2000 [3] by Jade Bourelle, an executive search consultant and the founder of Teleskill Human Resource Solutions, a telecommunications recruitment firm.[1]


Talent Technology has two product lines: Talemetry and HireDesk.

Talemetry is Talent Technology's Talent Generation Suite for enterprise recruiting.[4] It is a rebranding and expansion of their Resume Mirror product line.

HireDesk in an on-demand applicant tracking system. Functionality includes candidate sourcing, job/requisition management, candidate communications, sales automation, and reporting.[5][6]


Talent Technology competes in the recruiting and staffing software industry.[7] Other companies in this industry include RChilli, HRsmart, Bullhorn, HRM Direct, [PageUp People], Taleo Corporation, Main Sequence Technologies, Burning Glass, Daxtra, Sovren Group, Textkernel, Hireability, iCIMS and others.


Talent Technology partners with organizations in the human resource management technology and services industry.[8] Strategic partners include Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, and SAP.[9][10] Industry alliances include the American Staffing Association, the Association of Executive Search Consultants,[11] Blue StepsHR.com, HR-XML Consortium,[12] The Human Capital Institute,[13] the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association,[14] and the Society for Human Resource Management.[15]


  • Listed #201 in Backbone Magazine and Branham Group’s Top 300 Canadian Tech Companies in 2007[16]
  • Ranked #10 in Business in Vancouver’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2007[17]
  • Listed in Workforce Magazine’s Hot List of applicant tracking system software products in 2007[18]
  • Named finalist in the Best Software as a Service and Best Human Resources Solution in 2007 by the Software & Information Industry Association[19]
  • President and CEO Jade Bourelle ranked Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40 in 2006[20]
  • Received Human Resource Executive Award for Top HR Product in 2006[21]
  • Received Human Resource Executive Award for Top Ten Best Human Resource Product in 2004[22]

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