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Talentadong Pinoy
Format Reality show
Game show
Talent show
Written by Paolo Bustamante
Directed by Rich Ilustre
Starring Ryan Agoncillo
Theme music composer Ney Dimaculangan
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Mainly Filipino, with English
No. of seasons 5
Executive producer(s) Malou Gascon
Producer(s) ABC Development Corporation
Location(s) TV5 Studios, Quezon City (2008–2009)
Sky Dome, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City (2010–2012)
NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (2012–2013)
Running time 1 hour
Original channel TV5
Picture format NTSC (480i)[1]
Original run August 16, 2008 – August 18, 2013
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Talentadong Pinoy (English: Talented Filipino) is a Philippine reality talent show. Hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, it displays performances from singers, dancers, actors, musicians and comedians, to contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, ventriloquists and magicians. Contestants are allowed to perform any act they want. One difference to the Got Talent series is that the judges give their opinions on the performance of the performer and the jury decides the winner. It is aired every Sunday (Worldwide Edition)[2][3]


Talentadong Pinoy audition at SM City Baliuag, Bulacan

The show aims to display and advance performances considered as talented by the judges. The audition process is mostly held in SM locations all over the Philippines. The judging panel is composed of "talent scouts" (three famous persons who decide if the performers are passed on their performances) and the "jury" (composed of about eight to ten ordinary persons with professions or occupations and are the main judges in the contest). (If several contestants are passed by the talent scouts, the jury will decide who will become the winner. The jury is changed randomly in every show.)

The contestants perform on stage within 1 minute and 30 seconds. When the performers successfully do their act in that time, the bell rings, indicating that the contestant succeeded. If the talent scouts don't like the act, they simply press their respective buzzers and the curtain will be closed partially. When the contestants receive three strikes from the talent scouts, the curtain will be completely closed accompanied by the buzzer, notifying that the performer's act is terminated. Mostly seven competitors will compete if there is a defending champion; there are eight contestants if it is searching for a new defending champion. He/she/they will become the defending champion when the performer wins on the contest either by unanimous or split-decision by the jury. He/she/they must defend his/her/their title for five consecutive weeks against other performers. If he/she succeeds on defending the title, the defending champion becomes a "Hall of Famer."[4]

Season 1[edit]

A contestant will be hailed a "Hall of Fame" when he/she/they defend their title for five consecutive weeks.

Battle of the Champions[edit]

Battle of the Champions was held during 7:30 PM (UTC) on March 6, 2010 at the Cuneta Astrodome. It was a competition for the seven Hall of Famers to become "Philippine's Ultimate Talentado" and Grand Prize of 1,000,000 pesos. Joining them is a "Wildcard Competitor," who is a failed Talentado with a chance to compete with the Hall of Famers. It occurred at the Cuneta Astrodome, and the jury compose of about 6–8 judges. The criteria for judging consists of 50% text votes and 50% jury's decision. Some notable contestants of Talentadong Pinoy appear on the intermission numbers of the Battle of the Champions.

On Monday, March 1, 2010, Jackielyn from Cavite was revealed to be the Wildcard Competitor lively broadcast on Kwentong Talentado (A Talentadong Pinoy spin-off).

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, Yoyo Tricker was declared the first "Ultimate Talentado" and won for 1,000,000 pesos in cash.

Season 2[edit]

After the First Battle of the Champions there were some changes on Talentadong Pinoy:

  • The stage is now on 180-degree view.
  • For a contestant to be part of the "Hall of Fame", they must defend their title for eight consecutive episodes.
  • The color of the curtain is changed from black to red.
  • There are now four talent scouts. They can now handle the decision of the contestants' performance.
  • The criteria for judging is obtained by 1/3 from talent scouts and 2/3 from the jury.
  • The after the talent scouts' evaluation the contestant's rating from the talent scout will be shown in four red bar graphs but the ratings' form the jury is in the one green bar which is not shown instead it display as a question mark.
  • The program is aired on Saturdays and Sundays.

Battle of the Champions[edit]

On March 12 and 13, 2011, the Battle of the Champions was held at Ynares Center, Antipolo City. A Celebrity Edition was announced to be held on the Grand Finals. Each celebrity will be accompanied by Season 1 Hall of Famers. Ciara Sotto (with Far East Acrobats) [Winner], Valeen Montenegro (with The Tribal Dancers), Regine Tolentino (with Makata Tawanan), and Rosanna Roces (with Leah Patricio) will compete respectively.[5] Joseph the Artist declared the second Ultimate Talentado, taking home 1,000,000 pesos, a new car, four-year college scholarship, and a chance to represent the Philippines at the World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) to be held in Hollywood, USA. In addition to the major prizes, three contestants (including Joseph the Artist) won PHP 10,000 for being the Champion Detergent Bar's Kahanga-Hangang Performance Awardees.[6]


After five years of airing, Talentadong Pinoy host Ryan Agoncillo announced that the show will be cancelled after the Battle Royale which was held last August 18, 2013 at the Cuneta Astrodome. It's timeslot will be taken up by Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, Pinoy Explorer, and Wow Mali! Pa Rin.[7] On December 19, the show was listed as one of the programs to potentially return on air on TV5 by 2014.[8] However during an interview with the Philippine Inquirer on June 26, 2014, host Agoncillo confirmed that there are no plans for the show to return any time soon.[9]

Hall of Famers/Battle of the Champions contestants/current champions[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Key      First Ultimate Talentado
Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
First Hall of Famer Far East Acrobats Pampanga Acrobatics
Second Hall of Famer Wanlu Rizal Ventriloquism
Third Hall of Famer Yoyo Tricker Quezon City Yoyo Tricks
Fourth Hall of Famer Tribal Dancers Laguna Fire dancing
Fifth Hall of Famer Leah Patricio Manila Singing
Sixth Hall of Famer Omar the Ladder Balancer Marinduque Ladder Tricks
Seventh Hall of Famer Makata Tawanan Bulacan Poetry
Wildcard Grand Finalist Jackielyn Cavite Singing

Season 2[edit]

Key      Philippines' Ultimate Talentado 2011      Champion Detergent Bar's Kahanga-Hangang Performance Awardees
Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
Eighth Hall of Famer Beatbox Gor Davao Beatbox
Ninth Hall of Famer The Believers Muntinlupa Musical Theatre
Tenth Hall of Famer Joseph the Artist (Second Ultimate Talentado)[1] Laguna Sand Art
11th Hall of Famer New Born Divas Quezon City Singing trio
12th Hall of Famer Sfazhiva ( Ana Marie Garbo ) Caloocan City Pole dancing
13th Hall of Famer Zion Show Laguna Acrobatics/Magic
14th Hall of Famer Fire Attraction Lahug, Cebu Fire Poi
15th Hall of Famer RR Friends Naic, Cavite Isolation Duo & Breakdance
Wildcard Grand Finalist Belinda Adora's Step Kids Antipolo, Rizal Ballroom Dancing
  1. ^ Joseph the Artist originally lost to Cedie (singer/one-time defending champion). However, after the 8-win rule was implemented, Joseph was placed in the Hall of Fame having won nine times.

Season 3[edit]

Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
16th Hall of Famer Ayegee Bukidnon Singing
17th Hall of Famer Melbelline Bulacan Kundiman-style Singing [2]
18th Hall of Famer Dancing Is Fun [3] Northern Samar Ballroom Dancing
19th Hall of Famer Craig & Samantha [4] New Jersey Dancing
20th Hall of Famer Astroboy (Third Ultimate Talentado) Quezon City Hula Hoop Dancing
21st Hall of Famer Sustantivo Quezon City Pole Dancing
22nd Hall of Famer Monica Bulacan Sand Art
Wild Card Contender Rhyzza San Mateo, Rizal RNB Singing
  1. ^ Dancing is Fun won the "Make It or Break It" edition, a wildcard show competed by former champions who did not made the Hall of Fame.
  2. ^ Melbelline performed "waray-waray" with a modern twist, but later perform a kundiman as a request of a talent-scout

Talentadong Pinoy Kids Season 1[edit]

Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
1st Hall of Famer Baby Gymnast Quezon City Gymnastics
2nd Hall of Famer Rein Pineda Valenzuela Kundiman-style Singing
3rd Hall of Famer Gabe Manila Violin
4th Hall of Famer Baby Josh Nueva Ecija Dancing
5th Hall of Famer Sandugo Guardline (Ultimate Talentado Kids) Tondo, Manila Flag Turners
6th Hall of Famer Joshua De Villa Batangas Singing
7th Hall of Famer DJ Explorer Caloocan Acrobat
8th Hall of Famer Reborn of ES Dance Masters Quezon Dancing
9th Hall of Famer Flex Cavite Dance
Wild Card Contender Mary Heart Iloilo Singing

Talentadong Pinoy International Edition[edit]

Professional Name Hometown Talent
Edward Lava Singapore Singing
Miguel Antonio Vedanaigam Singapore Singing
Penny Salcedo (Ultimate International Talentado) Hong Kong Singing
Liza Parantar Hong Kong Singing
Erick John Dizon Dubai Singing

Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide[edit]

Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
1st Hall of Famer Rina Forbes Canada Singing
2nd Hall of Famer Chardy Ang (Current 2 Week Champion) Dog Trick
3rd Hall of Famer Spyro Marco New York City Diabolo
4th Hall of Famer
5th Hall of Famer
6th Hall of Famer
7th Hall of Famer
8th Hall of Famer
9th Hall of Famer
Wild Card Contender
  • To enter the hall of fame must have 6 wins and defend the title.

Talentadong Pinoy Junior[edit]

Rank Professional Name Hometown Talent
1st Hall of Famer Dance with us Dad Ballroom Dancing
2nd Hall of Famer Sto. Cristo Violin Ensemble Sto. Cristo, Pulilan, Bulacan Playing Violin


KBP Golden Dove[edit]

  • Winner, Best Talent Show (2009 & 2010)

MTRCB Awards[edit]

  • Winner, Best Talent Show (2009)

PMPC Star Awards for TV[edit]

  • Winner, Best Talent Search Program (2011)^
  • Winner, Best Talent Search Program (2009)
  • Winner, Best Talent Search Program Host (2009)
  • Nominated, Best Talent Search Program & Host (2008, 2010 & 2011)
  • Winner, Best Talent Search Program (2012)
  • Winner, Best Talent Search Program (2013)

^ = tied with Showtime (ABS-CBN 2)

Catholic Mass Media Awards[edit]

  • Winner, Best Entertainment Program (2012)[10]
  • Nominated, Best Talent Show (2008, 2009 & 2010)

USTv Students Choice Awards[edit]

  • Nominated, Best Talent Show (2008 & 2009)

Gawad UP Gandingan TV Awards[edit]

  • Nominated, Best Talent Show (2008 & 2009)

Guillermo Mendoza Box Office Entertainment Awards[edit]

  • Winner, 2011 Best TV Program-Talent Search and Most Popular TV Director (Rich Ilustre)[11]
  • Winner, 2012 Most Popular TV Program Talent Search/Reality[12]


  • Winner, Best Original TV-Program-Talent Search (2013)

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