Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer)

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Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer)
Studio album by Willie Nelson
Released June 6, 2000
Genre Country
Label Luck Records
Willie Nelson chronology
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Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer)
Milk Cow Blues

Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer) is an album from American country music artist Willie Nelson. It was his first release in the 2000s and 21st century, and released on June 6, 2000, on the Luck Records label. It features Willie Nelson revisiting some of his classic songs from the sixties.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Willie Nelson, except "Me And The Drummer," by Bill McDavid.

  1. "Me and the Drummer" - 5:09
  2. "Home Motel" - 4:07
  3. "Let My Mind Wander" - 5:04
  4. "I'd Rather You Didn't Love Me" - 3:25
  5. "Something to Think About" - 2:48
  6. "No Tomorrow in Sight" - 3:11
  7. "I'm So Ashamed" - 3:40
  8. "A Moment Isn't Very Long" - 3:19
  9. "Rainy Day Blues" - 3:34
  10. "You Wouldn't Cross the Street to Say Goodbye" - 3:26
  11. "I Guess I've Come to Live Here in Your Eyes" - 2:46
  12. "Forgiving You Was Easy" - 2:59

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