Talisker Conservation Park

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Talisker Conservation Park
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Talisker Conservation Park open cut.JPG
Talisker mine open cut
Map showing the location of Talisker Conservation Park
Map showing the location of Talisker Conservation Park
Nearest city Cape Jervis
Coordinates 35°37′20″S 138°09′08″E / 35.62222°S 138.15222°E / -35.62222; 138.15222Coordinates: 35°37′20″S 138°09′08″E / 35.62222°S 138.15222°E / -35.62222; 138.15222
Area 211 ha (520 acres)[1]
Established 28 November 1985[1]
Governing body Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Talisker Conservation Park is located on the south-western area of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. It is close to the town of Cape Jervis and adjacent to Deep Creek Conservation Park. The park covers 211 ha (520 acres) including areas of thick scrub, some steep walking tracks and the heritage-listed remains of a nineteenth century silver and lead mine.[2][1]


Talisker became a conservation park in 1976[citation needed] after a period of 104 years of intermittent mining activity in the area. The park owes its name to the two McLeod brothers who discovered an outcrop of silver-lead ore while searching for gold in 1862.[3] The Talisker Mining company was formed the same year to extract the ore from the lode the McLeod's named the 'Talisker of Scotland' after a locality in their homeland, the 'Isle of Skye'.[4]


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