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Industry Telecommunications
Founded May 24, 2005
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Products Prepaid mobile phones
Parent Rafsanjan Industrial Complex
Website Official website

Taliya is the first independent privately held pre-paid mobile network in Iran, which was established in 2004.


Benefiting from software and hardware technologies produced by Siemens, Alcatel and Ericsson as well as a top world class consultant namely Tele2, Taliya started its activity in 2004 as the first and foremost pre-paid cell phones independent network. Compared to its competitors, Taliya has a better and more adequate network coverage design both from the very beginning and now. Taliya was exposed to an unprecedented acceptance from the country men as regards its pre-paid system of cell phone network and rapidly established its position. After several years of ups and downs and transfer of ownership, Taliya tries to rehabilitate the happy memories and pleasures resulting from the use of its services among people; and provide suitable conditions in cell phone industry for the compatriots; a great procurement is being done in this respect.


Taliya is the first provider of pre-paid SIM cards in Iran. You can make calls from the existing gateways without paying any monthly subscription fee or receiving any invoice just by charging your Taliya SIM card as much as you desire. Taliya pre-paid SIM card enables you to permanently control the cost of your cell phone without receiving any invoice. The Facilities of Taliya SIM cards include making calls and sending and receiving short messages.

Taliya Cards[edit]

Taliya has produced some credit charges in various colors, each signifying a specific amount of charge for the customers interested in physical charge cards. Taliya charge cards may be obtained from Taliya stores and Taliya Customer Centers as well as stores and kiosks all over the country.

- White charge card for Rls. 20,000, - Orange charge card for Rls. 50,000, - Black charge card for Rls 100,000, - Golden charge card for Rls. 200,000.

Electronic Charge Cards[edit]

To facilitate access to Taliya credits, Taliya provides electronic pre-paid charges, which are readily accessible via bank and Credit Institutions' ATMs, POS, Web Kiosks, Websites and Vending Machines.[1]


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