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Need more info: What is this, and is it deemed appropriate to have it in an encyclopedia? Also, is there an English name for this? See wikipedia naming conventions for more on this. --maveric149

Though I agree this is hardly encyclopedic info in that state:-), you should admit there are plenty of similar entries here
see University of Nijmegen - Helsinki University of Technology - Mount Saint Vincent University, so I see not why this one shouldnot be there

There are not (and I guess there never will be...) any translation for any french public school of engineers in english (we call them Grandes Ecoles). The concept is different from your educational system. It is neither College nor University. But, basta, I guess it "could" be under college...--ant

Thanks for adding content to this entry ant (I didn't intend to imply by my question that the entry should not be in wikipedia -- I just needed more infomation on why this subject is deemed important). What you said about the name is fine with me. If there is no English translation that is used for this, then our only choice is to use the French (translating for the sake of translating would never be correct and I wouldn't ever suggest that). Besides, per a Google search, it does appear the above name is in fact used in English and I couldn't find an example where it was translated. --maveric149