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        this is the year 1955 the year when norman & edith 
           was joined together in matramorny
        when music was at its best never to be fogotton 
           just like the couple we have ear today
                  all the best jeff & julie

List of No. 1 Hits 1955 first week column and number of weeks column do not coinside. In List of No. 1 hits 1955: It says on April 30 a song held for 8 weeks to July 9th and then the next song 10 weeks to September 3. Are dates mis- calculated or are the 'weeks held' numbers reversed? December going into January 1956 also does not calculate. This makes each following year's dates off. Can you tell me if the 'number of weeks column is correct; so I can just recalculate the dates? Thank you for your time. Claire

Move the Carl Perkins item to "1956 in Music"[edit]

The following item is to be moved to "1956 in Music".

"March 7 - Carl Perkins' single "Blue Suede Shoes" enters the R&B charts, marking the first time a Country music artist has made it on the R&B charts."

This is correct, except for the year. "Blue Suede Shoes" was recorded by Carl Perkins on 19 December 1955, and released on the Sun label on January 1 1956 (with "Honey Don't" as the B-side). The record entered Billboard's Hot 100 on March 3 1956 (the same week as Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel"), and on the Rhythm and Blues chart on March 10, 1956. See link at

I will move the item to "1956 in Music".

--Bomber55 14:40, 28 June 2006 (UTC)bomber55