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albums released - alphabetical order[edit]

Dear 60s and 70s music fans out there in wikiland (or is that wikispace?)

For want of an easier way of doing things, and following a question raised on another talk page, I am in the process of putting the albums released sections of the 60s and 70s in music pages into alphabetical order.

Whilst I realise this may not be the best or most popular way of listing stuff, I reached the conclusion that other than going directly to an artist's article page, it was probably the most efficient/effective way to find that album that we want to check up on and compare it to its contemporaries. By way of example, if we were to put the following album in artist name order:

  • Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 - Jackson 5

we would [probably] have to include it twice on the same list: once under each of the named artists, whereas if we list it alphabetically there's no possible confusion(?).

I'd appreciate some feedback on this, and in the hope that y'all agree with me (as you can imagine this is taking up quite a bit of my wikitime), I'm posting this note on all the relevant discussion pages. Please bear in mind I am only suggesting this for the albums released sections and NOT for any other kind of list. Thanx. 23:07, 13 November 2006 (UTC)