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Major Cleanup Needed[edit]

A warning to the current editors: It appears that quite some time ago, one of the less observant editors copied the entire article and pasted it into the existing article, resulting in a doubling of the text. Please get this cleaned up ASAP. If not done in 24 hours, I will make some major changes which are not likely to please everyone.... Varoon Arya 17:57, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

The reduplicated text has been removed. More changes to come. Varoon Arya 15:50, 9 November 2007 (UTC)
The references section has been scrapped (see below). The lead has been cleaned up and linked. Varoon Arya 21:33, 9 November 2007 (UTC)
The article is still of poor quality - especially considering the potential the title promises. I think the best course of action would be to write separate sections on how agnihotra is performed in different traditions. Right now, the method being presented is 'fringe' as far as mainstream Hinduism goes. I am willing to write a section on agnihotra in the modern Arya Samaj (I have a good deal of literature on it). Perhaps others would be willing to contribute the same for other traditions? Varoon Arya 17:47, 11 November 2007 (UTC)
I've ignored this article for almost 2 years, and it has bloated beyond recognition with all kinds of weird, non-encyclopedic information. I just finished tightening the lead (sources still need to be found), and I'll work over the rest of the article soon. —Aryaman (talk) 19:30, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Placing Modern "Homa Agnihotra" in context[edit]

I am an Australian researcher looking into the modern "Homa Agnihotra" method as taught by Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, Maharashtra. This method was "revealed" in approximately the late 1960's. I understand that a number of groups in India are teaching in his tradition. I am familiar with the work of current teacher Shree Vasant Paranjpe who took up the work when Gajanan passed away in approx mid 1980's. Thus, I choose to refer to the method that I am familiar as the "GAJANAN-VASANT HOMA METHOD OF SUNRISE AND SUNSET AGNIHOTRA".

The "Gajanan-Vasant Method" is promoted as a scientific and non-religious practice and is taught in many cultures. The method as taught by Shree Vasant Paranjpe is the method that has been adopted on a large scale in Peru in South America, where it has been adopted by a number of regional governments as the basis of organic farming practices known as HOMA FARMING. The method of HOMA MEDICINE has also been adopted by mainstream South American health clinics, hospitals and medical practitioners.

I am keen to participate in discussions that can more clearly identify the formal lineages of Agnihotra teaching, and precise methods of practice. I have a number of REFERENCE DOCUMENTS on the "Gajanan-Vasant Homa Method of Sunrise and Sunset Agnihotra" which are available from my website: www dot beam dot to slash homaservices

Please feel free to contact me directly via email: chris dot poynton at gmail dot com

Thank you ... Chris Poynton (talk) 00:38, 18 November 2007 (UTC)

The ancient fire technique to clean atmosphere was resurrected ~1947 by Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot in the name of his Lord Parashuram. He wisely put this together as modern technology from the Upanishades for the reason that mankind ist able to survive. Shree never touched money and until he left he teached the simple Agnihotra and Yajyna for agriculture and for alternate healings. He also told not to earn money with this technique.

He teached Shree Vasant Paranjpe and Shree Potdar to tell the world about Agnihotra Yajyna. Vasant was focused to go to America and Europe and Potdar had to teach in Asia (India). After a while Potdar was missing, so Vasant also made the India Part. Vasant left Earth at the 30th of Dez. 2008.

Anything else that is told must be mystique.

Gregor Handrich (I am sorry for my bad Englisch) gregornicer at

My dear Gregor Handrich, Day before yesterday i.e. 1.10.2013, I had an opportunity to go through your article in which you had narrated about the duties allotted to Mr. Paranjape and Mr. Potdar and while clarifying the roles, you mentioned that Mr.Potdar was asked to propagate in Asia (India) but after some time Mr. Potdar was missing. I think, you had wrongly assessed the work of Mr. Potdar. Mr. Potdar was never missing and he very sincerely & devotion ally spreading up the work of Agnihotra through out India and particularly in Madhya Pradesh in earlier years. After wards, the work spread up through out India under the supervision of Mr. Potdar. To review his progress on Agnihortra spread up work & speed of propagation, he organized seminar in 1974 wherein participants from all over India were present and they submitted their papers during that work shop. Mr. Potdar and only Mr. Potdar is the true representative of Agnihotra propagation work who wholeheartedly surrendered his life for this mission. He write a book on respected Gajanan Maharaj titled "PARAMSADGURU" wherein he has expressed his gratitude to his Sadguru. In this page, you can find that book's name and the availability place. Mr.Potdar propagated Agnihotra message right from 1963 to 1974 i.e. till his passing away from this world. His Sadguru respected Gajanan Maharajji was very happy with his work and during one of the meeting with representatives of Madhav Ashram, Bhopal during the year 1973 expressed his feelings that Mr. Potdar has now become Era initiator and this world owes to him for his services rendered to this truly charity work in which charity of the peoples of this whole world is involved. Whole world on one day will remember & thank him for teaching them the method of Agnihotra Yagnya which has changed life's of thousands of people. The word expressed by you MISSING for Mr. Potdar is not at all acceptable for me. Being his follower for last 25 years, I have got each and every thing I wished in every field of life that may be physical, mental, financial or eternal spirit. I request you to kindly change your opinion about Mr. Potdar. If you have still any doubts even after my above submission, you are at liberty to call me on my mobile 9826090656 or contact me on my e-mail Now the work of Agnihotra propagation after the departure of Mr. Potdar is being lookedafter by Smt. Nalini Madhavji who too with full sicerity, devotion and with great dignity giving a new shape for propagation with new ideas to this truly charity work. Atpresent, the registered office of Smt. Nalini Madhavji is at Bhopal and the place is called Madhav Ashram. I am giving you her mobile no.9827052445. If you feel really interested to have the characteristics of Mr. Potdar, you must contact her. This will also help you in clearing your other confusions or wrong informations you are carrying with you.

So Mr. Gregor Handrich by by.. I am also at your disposal for any information on Mr. Potdar or his Ashram which is named 'MADHAV ASHRAM" Thanks..

PV Khanzode (talk) 13:09, 3 October 2013 (UTC)PV Khanzode, Bhopal

some addl. information:

Mr.Paranjape was directed by Pramsadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj to proceed to Ujjain & contact Potdar Saheb and have tips from him about how to propagate Agnihotra initially in India. After getting guidance from Mr. Potdar, only then Mr. Paranjape started propagation work and started initially from South India. He went to America only after some time. It is not a fact that Shri Gajanan Maharaj directed both i.e. Mr. Potdar & Mr. Paranjape to tell the world about Agnihotra but it was only Mr. Potdar, who was handed over this Agnihotra to spread it all over the world and Mr. Paranjape was just one propagator but he was never handed over the custody of Agnihotra.

Bhopal:PV Khanzode- 3.10.2013 7.45 PM



Is there any article about the scientific proof of the "Gajanan-Vasant Method" as being fruitful; as in how it clean's the atmosphere and what all it cleans. Can someone paste a link for that. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:25, 5 January 2011 (UTC)

I agree with Mr. Khanzode that Shri Potdarji were very sincerely & devotionally spreading up the work of Agnihotra through out India.... He had spent his entire life educating people about Agnihotra and it's benefit.... He was chosen by Shri Gajanan Maharaj to spread Agnihotra in Asia..

I STRONGLY oppose the statement written by Mr. Gregor about Shri Potdar Ji. This has not only hurt the sentiments of follower but also disrespected the hard work, dedication, commitment and honesty shown by Shri Potdarji towards Agnihotra...

Manjri Nayak, Hyderabad.. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:14, 29 January 2014 (UTC) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Modern Method of Agnihotra"[edit]

Since 1990 I am performing Agnihotra with regularity & in touch with Madhavashram, Bhopal also. After going through the letter of Mr.Poynton, I observe that as a researcher, he has very meager information about Agnihotra which they call "Homa" & therefore, I thought to put some words on his letter.

Today or nowadays, the propagation of Agnihotra which we are narrating was already known to Shree M.G.Potdar Saheb from 1963 when he was residing at Bhopal. In the same year i.e. 1963, he gets the 1st Agnihotra performed through Mr.Hiralal Sharma, a priest who afterwards became his associate in propagation work of Agnihotra Therapy. After getting 1st Agnihotra Performed, with an idea to get this method or therapy known to the entire World, get the same printed as an article and this is that article which became publicity campaign for Mr.Vasant Paranjpe & Shree Gajanan Maharaj. In other words, it can be said that Mr. Vasant Paranjpe & Shree Gajanan Maharaj simply propagated the method of Agnihotra which in original the whole-sole property of Shree M.G.Potdar Saheb and therefore it is very clear that modern Sunrise-Sunset Agnihotra which so many propagators are propagating, Mr. Paranjpe too is one of them. From 1963 to 1968 ,Shree Potdar Saheb took different kind of experiments i.e. agriculture, psycho-therapy etc. from all angles and after getting desired results as per his expectations he established an institute on 15th Feb.1968 titled as Satya Dharma Prachar Prachar and through this institute he started propagation of Agnihotra. Interestingly, this institute was not registered that time. Right from inception of this institute, Smt. Nalini Madhavji is director of this institute & disciple of Shree Potdar Saheb. Shree Gajanan Maharaj used to advise his disciples to be in contact with Shree Potdar Saheb in person or through correspondence to have knowledge of this method & among these disciples, Mr.Vasant Paranjpe was one of them It is pertinent to mention that only on request of Shree Potdar Saheb, Shree Gajanan Maharaj started practice Agnihotra from 1973 onwards. Mr.Paranjpe met Shree Potdar Saheb at Ujjain inFeb.1970 & started Agnihotra from 3rd March 1970.For about six months he propagated the Agnihotra Therapy under the constant direction of Shree Potdar Saheb at Belgaon, Karnataka. Afterwards, Mr.Paranjpe completely broke down contacts with Potdar Saheb and proceeded to USA. In USA he propagated Agnihotra therapy as his own version and without giving any credit to Shree Potdar Saheb who actually was the stall ward of this Agnihotra method. The Agnihotra Therapy which was called method, formulae at the time of propagation by various propagators is/was being performed by peoples of all origin. Whether he/she may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian or belonging to any other Caste. All the people accepted the importance of Agnihotra, adopted it in their lifestyles without any heave of caste, religion, culture e.g. In 1974 Shree Potdar Saheb left this world but I am the witness of his letters which he correspond during 1968 to 1974. And therefore, I conclude that Mr.Poynton has to undertake deep research of this Agnihotra Therapy. He at present possess very little knowledge of a very vast subject and if he is really interested to secure positive thing of Agnihotra, then he can contact Smt.Nalini Madhavji, Director, Satya Dharma Prachar Prasar(trust) which now has been registered and whose H.Q. is at Bhopal. The address is-

Mahanubhav Shri Madhavji Sansthan (Public Charitable Trust) Madhavashram, Sehore Road, Bairagarh, BHOPAL 462035 M.P. INDIA.

phone:0755-2641403, mob.9827052445, --Pradeep khanzode (talk) 03:33, 26 December 2007 (UTC)



I added an NPOV (as well as essay entry) tag to the article, as it simply isn't up to snuff. The article makes no distinction whatsoever between traditional Agnihotra and modern interpretations (Shrii, etc.) of the same. Claims are stated as facts, and the style is entirely unencyclopedic. I am working on getting all this and more cleaned up, and anyone who has sourced and reliable information are more than welcome to contribute their raw data or suggestions for inclusion below. Varoon Arya 16:16, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

Agnihotri (Name)[edit]

This information has been moved to its own article. See Agnihotri. Varoon Arya 15:48, 9 November 2007 (UTC)


Editors: A references section is not a bibliography. Save this section for sources used in the creation of the article.

I realize that someone spent a lot of time compiling this list, however. Therefore I will include it here for research purposes. Varoon Arya 15:57, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

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  • 2. Agnihotra : Folder ( Rites Rituals ) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Varoon Arya (talkcontribs) 15:55, 9 November 2007 (UTC)

My dear Mr. Fregor Handrich

I have gone through your article in which you have mentioned your interest about “Homa Agnihotra” In the test you have referred the title as “Gajanan -Vasant Method” of Sunrise Agnihotra”. I am socked to note your mis-conception with regard to worldwide initiation and propagation of Agnihotra Method . For your kind information, I would like to mention that Shree Gajanan Maharaj took vow in front of his Sadguru Lard Parsuram to resuscitate the Vedas in the year Sept 1944.Later on Shree Gajanan Maharaji identified Shri Madhav ji Porder sahab as the best and most competent personality to get his resuscitating work done. As per desire of Shree Gajanan Maharaj Shri Madhav ji Potdar saheb also took vow to do the resuscitating work faithfully in the year Oct 1959..In order to accomplish the resuscitating work, Shri Madhav ji Pordar saheb offered his the whole life which no else other could do in future. Shri Madhav j potdar saheb was first disciple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj and as per his desire he developed himself.He completed his accusation only in 21 months. On the basis of his own experiences he wrote a book entitled “In search of Happiness” in the year 1959 and proceeded to give the message of SATYA DHARM to all the four directions of earth, South- North and East- West and there after he was popularized as SATYA- DHARM SANDESHTA. It was Shri Madhav ji potdar Saheb who invented the original method of Agnihotra from the VEDAS It is pertinent to mention have that only on request of Shri Potdar Saheb Shree Gajanan Maharaj started practice of Agnihotra in the year 1973.Shri Potdar sahebgot started first Agnihotra of his present era. Shri Hira Lal Sharma on feb 22 1963. As for as Shri Vasant Paranjape is concerned he was sent to Shri Madhav ji Potdar saheb by Gajanan Maharaj to learn Agnihotra, shri pranjape met shri potdar Saheb on Ujjain in feb 1970 and startedAhnihotra on March 3 1970. For about six months he propagated the Agnihota therapy under the constant direction of Shree Potdar Saheb at Belgaon, Karnataka, Afterwards, Shri Paranjape completely broke down cotacts with Potrdar Saheb and proceeded to USA. In USA he propagated Agnihotra therapy as his own version without giving any credit to Shri Pordar Saheb who actually was the Stall ward of this Agnihotra method . Shri Madhav ji Potdar Saheb established Madhav Ashram in the year 1968 which is situated on Sehore Road, Bairagarh, Bhopal 462035 M.P. (India) Shri Potdar Saheb left this world on June 9 1974. Smt Nalini Madhav ji is Director of Madhav Ashram at present and she is efficiently looking after the work of Agnihotra Prachar and prasar all over the country and abroad. Lacs of people without any heave of cost, religion and culture are associated with Madhav Ashram. A number of engineers, doctors, professors and scientist are conducting researches in their respective disciplines and are observing outstanding results. Thousands of farmers in India and abroad have adopted Agnihotra farming and raising bumper crop qualitatively and quantitatively without using any chemical insecticides and pesticides.As a researcher you are required to review the historical literatures which is correctly available with Nalini Madhav Ji ,Director of Madhav Ashram ,Bairagargh,Bhopal,MP.India.You may kindly contact her for proper guidance to conduct any research work regarding Homa/Agnihotra therapy.Smt Nalini Madhav Ji easily available all the timesfor this purpose at Madhav Ashram sehore,contact at mob. No. 918120036303,919827052445 and 919981452306 in working hours ie.8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.


Dr. R. Mishra Ex. Professor/ Pricipal Scientist CSA University of Agri. & Tech Kanpur- 208002(India) Mo. +919936347876

Madhav Ashram, Sihore road Bairagarh Bhopal - 462035 M.P. (India) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:44, 6 February 2014 (UTC)