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Stamford or Stanford?[edit]

Was the conference mentioned really at Stamford University, Bangladesh, or was it at Stanford University, California? Colonies Chris 12:44, 16 August 2007 (UTC)

The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance
Edited by Robert N. Proctor and Londa Schiebinger
2008 312 pp.
1 table, 15 illustrations.
ISBN: 9780804756525
Cloth $65.00
ISBN: 9780804759014
Stanford University Press — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:04, 2 January 2014 (UTC)


I have reviewed this article and read almost all of its references. Though at first skeptical, I have come around to the opinion that we are observing the birth of a new and very significant line of research. It touches upon epistemology, political science, the history of science, the sociology of science, and historiography. Several books have been written about Agnotology, though their titles lack this label, and there has been at least one academic conference on the subject. I think this rapidly evolving academic discipline needs to be monitored by Wikipedia, through the medium of this article and others. — Aetheling (talk) 14:40, 8 July 2008 (UTC).

It seems the term Agnotology could well be applied to the efforts to downplay Anthropogenic Global Warming as well -- and for a laugh, the successes of the Church of Scientology. (talk) 02:47, 30 May 2011 (UTC)