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A discussion page about the AmbientCalculiOnline page.

Wondering what does anyone-can-contribute mean? How about a look at Wikipedia FAQ and learn how does one edit a page. --Xudong Guan (Move to Talk page by Larry Sanger)

I'm puzzled, too. Someone (perhaps the person who put up AmbientCalculiOnline) has already put up AmbientCalculusOnline. Neither of those names is likely to be the name of an encyclopedia article (though ambient calculus will, I'm guessing--guessing, because I haven't got a clue what ambient calculus is!). So there's no problem about your putting up links to papers online from this Wikipedia page. And in fact, I personally am delighted if all these people should show up and contribute to Wikipedia!

Anyway, hello, whoever you are--you who have put up AmbientCalculiOnline--I just wanted to welcome you to Wikipedia. I hope you'll stick around and write some mathematics articles for our collaborative encyclopedia. --Larry Sanger

Sorry for the page name. I am not familiar with the free link feature. I have been using TWiki a lot.

I am putting up this page for I am lazy -- I don't want to maintain a resourse page all by myself. So I choose wikipedia and hope other researchers in this field can come here and contribute (at least put the link of their own work here), after I announce the URL. Do you think this is a good idea? Could you find me a better page name? Thank you. --Xudong Guan

Today, I have posted my idea and page URL on the MOCA list. Welcome to this wonderful place, computer science researchers! --Xudong Guan 2001-06-09