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I have a pest eating away my small angel trumpet plants! They were planted during Feburary (in live in Georgia) from small but strong clippings. We have had lots of rain and my yard does tend to have standing water at times when the rain is very heavy; also, the soil is mostly clay and some other DIRT! I had to mix some peat moss in but I don't think it was enough! The poor things are blooming; however, the heat (no shade as yet), the rain, and the soil have all added to there stunted growth (I'm certain)! I am not a GARDENER, I simply LOVE flowers and gardens so my hobby is planting! These poor struggling plants have managed to bloom; however, the PEST of recent have managed to eat all of the leaves and they are now just stalks!!!!!!!! I'm crazy with anger and don't know what in the world to do!!! I have tried siven (? spelling) and another spray on (attach the bottle to end of hose type) pesticide was used but, nothing is working!!! PLEASE HELP! I can't describe them cuz I never see them; apparently, they feed at night!?!!?!


That's kind of a surprise, they being pretty toxic... If all the leaves are eaten all I can think of are deer or something. Or else the neighborhood teenagers who are smoking them.... I find these to be enormously vigorous plants. Mine are growing out of a hairline crack between two driveways, up the side of a chainlink fence, with no maintenance or agriculture, even watering, on my part; they are definitely a hot weather plant, in warm climates they are perennial, but in the north (I live in CT) they die out every winter. Being that my guys are rooted under the driveway, I can't tell whether they are the same plants coming back each year or new ones reseeding in the crack. Anyway, they love the hot weather, don't bloom until August up here, and don't mind the drought. Sorry I can't figure out who would eat the leaves, though. Gzuckier 15:04, 26 August 2005 (UTC)

In NH 2008 I have seen these giant worm caterpillar looking things that eat the angels trumpet leaves. They are the same color as the leaves and are hard to spot even though they are very large. They look very similar to the big green thing that eats tomatoe plants, green horned something?